In many ways, the Directorate incorporate the best and worst of the human race. The Directorate was founded on the principles of individual initiate and entrepreneurship. However, this has been twisted by greed and war profiteering to produce a force that mercilessly exploits both its own subjects and its hapless neighbors. Rumored to be the true architects between the Dindrenzi and the Terrans, the Directorate will ruthlessly pursue their own interests without any moral qualms.

My Directorate use a pretty simple scheme that is almost completely dry-brushed. Starting with a black undercoat, successively brighter shades of grey are dry-brushed on, culminating in a coat of white.  The blue areas on the prows of the ship were then base coated with Fenris Grey (a blue-grey foundation paint). After that, the dry-brushing process was repeated, this time with progressively lighter shades of blue.


Andy "Ruckdog" Rucker