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 (Last Updated 20 October 2010)

Message Boards
These are the message boards I regularly post on. You can find me under the handle of "Ruckdog," or some small variation thereof! Dakka is an older board with a large community. Although it predominitely covers Warhammer 40k, it does have coverage of a wide variety of games.
Axis & Allies Forumini This is another great online community, this time devoted to the various forms of the Axis & Allies board and minatures games.
Spartan Games Forum This is the official forums for Spartan games, who are responsible for such games as Firestorm Armada.
Warship Links
Thomas Tanner's WWI German Navy Site This website has a lot of useful information, especially for builders of what Mr. Tanner refers to as the "good boats."
IR/CWCC Home Page The national parent club for the MAG and many other warship clubs.
IR/CWCC Message List This is the message board where our group stays in touch. If you want to know more about our hobby, check it out.
Nihon Kaigun Homepage This is an amazing source of info on the Japanese Navy during WW II.
Battler's Connection This site is now one of the main suppliers for the hobby since Swampworks went out of business early in 2006.
Gaming Links
  Nintendorks One of the oldest and funniest Nintendo-specific sites out there. Long live Mr. Face!
Nintendo World Report This is the foremost "serious" Nintendo site if you ask me. A good news source, NWR is highly reliable.
GameFAQ's Stuck in a game? Check this place out. It is a truly massive database of help guides submitted by gamers for gamers. Best part, it is absolutely free!
GameRevolution This is one of the older game review sites out there. While I sometimes disagree with their conclusions, GameRevolution's long-serving staff always does a good job at describing a game and being entertaining.
Star Trek Links
Ex Astris Scientia This is a site run by German Star Trek fan Bernd Schnieder. I find it very interesting. He has put together a very exhaustive database on everything Trek.
PvP Online
This web comic is set in the offices of a gaming magazine. As such, it is about gaming, but it is also a celebration of geekiness and gaming culture.
Penny Arcade
Do you really need an introduction? Oh, fine. This is a web comic run by two guys named Tycho and Gabe, and is probably the most successful comic of its type. They are just two gamers who tell it like it is.
This is a manga-style web comic drawn by an American artist. Featuring two rather neurotic friends who get stranded in Japan, MegaTokyo is a load of fun!
VG Cats The humor on this one is bit more out there, but it is still a pretty funny video game related strip.
Anime Links
Anime On DVD A very good source for reviews and release information.
Anime Castle This online retailer has an extensive video and soundtrack catalog.
The Right Stuff This retailer's normal prices aren't the greatest, but they do offer truly outstanding specials.
Chibi Tokyo Another one of my favorite online retailers, this site specializes more in figures, manga, and other memorabilia.
The Anime Web Turn Pike Excellent source for fan pages and convention info.