Naval Wargaming at Andy's Random Stuff

Naval wargaming is something that I am just getting into, but I am finding it to be an enjoyable and thought-provoking past time. There are two main rules sets that I'm currently experimenting with, which are described below. I intend to post reviews, hobby articles, and battle reports here as well.

Micronauts WWII

This rules set was recently put out by GHQ, a company who has produced a line of 1/2400 scale naval miniatures for several decades now. While this rules set is not the most detailed ever created (or so I hear!), it is certainly a lot more in-depth than other games I am used to playing and so I'm still trying to wrap my head around it in many respects.

Axis & Allies: War at Sea

This game is much simpler than Micronauts WWII, and uses pre-painted ship and aircraft miniatures. This system is easy to pick up, and is a lot of fun to play! On the downside, the minis can only be bought in randomized packs of 5, so to collect certain ships you either have to get re-sales on Ebay or buy a lot of the boosters.

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