29 March 03

Well, after a tactical raid on my local Electronics Boutique, I succeeded in liberating a Platinum GBA SP, a copy Pokemon Sapphire, and a copy of Battlefield 1942 from the clutches of the devious sales clerks. My bank account was the only casualty, suffering $188 in damage. Stay tuned for gaming impressions on Battlefield 1942 and Pokemon Sapphire. In the mean time, enjoy the two features below. Oh, and as a side note, I have finally succeeded in getting my computer to work right again. I had a heck of a time getting everything situated after updating my display adapters, but it all works now.
   Feature: Zelda Impressions
Well, I haven't had as much time to play Wind Waker as much as I would like to, mainly because I have been hassling my computer to get it to display Battlefield 1942 correctly. I have still managed to get a few hours into it, though, and here is what I think.
   Feature: GBA SP!!!!1111
As I mentioned above, I got my hands on a brand-new GBA SP today. I know that this thing has been out for a week already, but I have decided to go ahead and put together this feature anyway: GBA SP Launch BLOWOUT!

27 March 03

Adventures on GameSpy
Last night, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and put down the $5 for a subscription to GameSpy Arcade, so that I could play MOH: AA on line for a change. While I was at it, I also downloaded the Battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo. Somehow, I have managed to avoid playing this game before this point. However, now that I have played it, I am hooked. I am seriously considering buying this puppy alongside a copy of Pokemon Sapphire and a GBA sp this weekend. Stay tuned for that. The sick thing is, I am still eagerly anticipating my copy of Zelda: WW...with all this gaming to take care of, lord only knows when I will be able to work on this site.
Simper Gumby
I am still fiddling around with the layout of the various sub-sections, etc. there will probably be continuous on-going alterations, so just be forewarned. However, I will NOT be removing any content for whatever reason, so just relax (I know you where all worried and everything).
Over Easy Leaves my Brain Scrambled
I got my Club PA bonuses for this month in my email today. They included the sixth page of Penny Arcade's continuing "Over Easy" saga, as well as a full-color rendition of their hilarious Cardboard Tube Samurai (CTS) mini-series that ran not too long ago. I would have to say that goodies such as this definitely make  the money I donated to PA easily the best 100 cents I have ever spent.
  Non-Gaming Related Content Added
Thousands are shocked and appalled!
I have been focusing on the gaming section so much, I decided it was time for a change of pace. Thus, I put together a review of the anime movie Spriggan. You can find it here.

26 March 03

  Editorial Added
I have posted my first editorial, and strangely enough it has something in common with my first review...go take a look. You know you want too...

25 March 03

More Content!  
Tonight I mainly focused on the Games section. I intend to work on the other sections in turn. In the meantime, I have posted my first review. I intend to use small buttons like the one below to link headlines here on the main page to their respective sub-pages. I have made one for each section, but I haven't yet had the chance to use them yet!
  Skies of Arcadia Review Added
 have managed to scrap together my first review. The subject? Skies of Arcadia Legends, the first RPG of any consequence for the GameCube. Is it any good? Check out the review and see!

24 March 03

Layout Tweaks  
I have made a few layout tweaks, as well as finishing the base pages for all the different sections. There is still very little or no content yet. By the end of the week I hope there will be a little more.
  Moltke Picture Gallery is Up
I have added a few pictures of the ship I am building for combat, the SMS Moltke. She will be over 4' long and weigh 20 lbs. when she is completed.

23 March 03

Up and Stumbling..
There really isn't much to look at right now, as I am still in the process of getting things arranged the way I want. However, there are a few small tidbits here and there. Be sure to check out the pictures of the Moltke on the Model Combat Warship page.