19 April 03

Here comes Peter Cottontail!
Easter is tomorrow! Looking forward to that. Anyway, rabbits aside, this week has been a little thin on the updates, but for a good reason; I was working my way the rest of the way through Wind Waker. I have finally beaten the game, at least the main quest. Naturally, I am tending to compare it with other Zelda's I've played, and it stands up quite well. I think that OoT may have had a more touching ending, but WW was a better game without a doubt. Catch my review below.
  Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Wind Waker is the best GCN game I have played yet. Here is the review!

14 April 03

Two more weeks...
School is finally starting to wind down for the year. I can hardly wait to finish my finals and get out of here for a little while! In the mean time, though, I have put together my first anime feature. In it, I let you in on the experiences I have gained from purchasing my anime collection.
   Online Anime Buyer's Guide
So you have decided to take the plunge and begin collecting anime? Here is my advice on the way to go about it.