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13 Oct 03

Henshin A Go Go!

I went to the mall today and picked up a copy of  Frozen Throne (the WC III expansion), Viewtiful Joe, and a new GBA SP (my first one got stolen :( ).

So, I have been spending most of the afternoon playing Viewtiful Joe, my friend has been playing my SP, and I haven't even touched Frozen Throne yet. Oh well, such is life! I put up some impressions for Viewtiful Joe, so be sure to check those out.

I was up to 2 am this morning playing Eve of Destruction. The more I play this mod, the more I am coming to like it. The maps are simply the best I have ever seen in the BF 1942 engine. Also, the helos seem to be a lot easier to fly in this mod than they do in DC. I'll probably be posting a review for BF 1942 in the near future, so I will address both these mods in more detail then.

Ah, today has been yet another good day. I wish 3-day weekends came around more often!

Impressions: Viewtiful Joe
See what I think about Capcom's newest GameCube game after a few hours of play!

12 Oct 03

Today has been the kind of day that causes one to pause right in the middle of whatever one is doing and say "Ah! This beats the pants off of going to class!" I've been sleeping, eating, watching anime, and gaming all day. You should feel lucky that I managed to deny my erstwhile pursuit of these lofty activities long enough to update the site.

Seriously though, I have gotten a couple of new games the last few days, and they are really eating into my time. The first one is another BF 1942 mod, Eve Of Destruction. This mod takes the BF 1942 experience into the Vietnam era,  with all sorts of accurate weapons and such. This isn't as complete a transformation as Desert Combat is, for much of the voice work remains the same, but all of the maps are not only new, but look great and play even better. I haven't played this mod enough to say definitively if it is better or worse than DC, but for sure I can say it is great fun.

The other game I have gotten recently is called Enemy Territory, and is based on Return To Castle Wolfenstein.  This game is free to anyone with enough patience to download all 200 megs of it, and concentrates entirely on the multiplayer experience. I have played a few matches on it, and it certainly looks great. However, the game's weapons and aiming work very differently than they do in BF 1942, so I am still on the steep side of the learning curve. As a result, I keep getting ownz0r3d, and this naturally tends to color my views of this game in a negative way. Nevertheless, I intend to stick with this one for the simple reason that it is free, and thus it shouldn't be too difficult to get a large number of my friends online with it. The biggest difficulty I've had with getting BF 1942 spread around to my friends is that no one wants to pony up the $$$ for a copy of it.

Tomorrow, I plan on heading out to the mall to see if I can't get my hands on a copy of Capcom's Viewtiful Joe for the GCN. I am a little leery of this game, for it doesn't sound like the kind I am normally drawn to. However the positive press that this game has received has convinced me that I am probably being silly. We shall see.

Oh, Navy football won again. Finally, a road victory! On that note, I will leave you to my new review.

Review: Escaflowne: Past and Present
Past and Present marks the halfway mark for the Escaflowne series. Here are my thoughts on it.

11 Oct 03

USNA Gaming Zone
Well, once again I have let far too much time pass between updates. Let's get started!

First, I want to tell you all about an exiting new development, the USNA Gaming Zone. This is a bulletin board set up for Midshipmen gamers to find out who else plays the same game and to organize matches. There is also a section where you can just talk about stuff...and junk. Anyway, I have put up a promotional page that contains the link to the index, so please take a look at it (if you are a midshipmen, that is- this board isn't accessible outside the Academy). The USNA GZ graphic to the left of the banner also links to the promotional page, and I will leave it up there for a good long while. Spread the word! This kind of endeavor can only succeed by reaching a wide audience.

The Anime and Gaming sections have been revamped so that the information in each of them is easier to reach. Now, the list of reviews and previews is immediately available, while the old introductory pages are linked in the top blue bar. My goal for these changes is to make the Anime and Gaming pages easier to browse. Let me know what you thing by email or the guestbook!

Finally, I have also posted my review for the next volume of Escaflowne. You can find it below.

Review: Escaflowne: Angels & Demons
Van and Hitomi continue the struggle against the evil Zaibach Empire in this, the 3rd volume.
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