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23 April 06

Hi From Sunny South Florida!
Gwen and I are down in Florida visiting her extended family in the West Palm Beach area. We took the train down from Charleston since it was only a fraction of the cost of flying. The train was about two hours late, but that is practically on time for Amtrak! Anyway, the weather is beautiful and we are having a great time. Today, Gwen and I went swiming in her aunt's pool, and she was nice enough to take a few pictures. Here they are!

21 April 06

School's Out!
Well, I just got back from my graduation ceremony for Nuclear Power School. It has been a very busy 6 months, and while there were times that I though I would never finish the time really flew by when I look back on it. I've posted some pictures my girlfriend took for me during the ceremony, so be sure to check them out. Now that I have successfully passed the Comp (the 4-hour comprehensive exam given at the end of Nuke school) and graduated from NNPTC, I have a nice 2-week break before I start prototype in May. Those two weeks look pretty jam-packed, as I am planning to go to Florida to visit with Gwen to visit some of her family and then head back to Indiana for a week. After that, we will be hitting the IR/CWCC Spring Regionals in Hagerstown, MD. I've been looking forward to this for a while! I'll do my best to post an update or two in the mean time, but I may or may not get around to it. Definitely, though, I'll be putting together a feature on the Spring Regionals when I get back.

Nuclear Power School Graduation

08 April 06

"It's Been a Long Time...
Gettin' From There To Here."  Anyway last summer I had the chance to build Polar Light's 1/350th scale NX-01. Be sure to check out the article I wrote about it below. 

This week has really been crazy. I had one test this week, but there are two next week plus the comp right after that. Consequently, I have been putting in a LOT of hours...this week is easily the most hours I've put in, ever. This is literally the final push to the end, but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it isn't an oncoming train!


Polar Lights NX-01 Model Project

01 April 06

New Toys
First of all, just to get it out of the way, this update is in no means an April Fools joke. I'm just not feeling that ambitious ;). Actually, it has been a rather draining week. Even though we didn't have any tests, I did have the PRT on Thursday (which I passed!), and the school seemed to think that not having a test would be an excellent excuse to sock us with a ton of extra homework and more class than usual. Anyway, I got a new digital camera today, and I have promptly put it to use by making this update, a review of the Art Asylum Enterprise E I got a couple of weeks ago. Make sure to check it out.

Art Asylum Enterprise E
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