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27 June 06

Making Progress
Believe it or not, I have been continuing to chip away at my Polar Lights Refit project. I've got a big update for you today, as I have just finished the deflector dish and housing. Be sure to check it out!

This rotating shift work is certainly interesting. In order to get my sleep pattern straightened around, I stayed up all night last night. I couldn't tell you the last time I've done that! The impression I got yesterday during the indoc process is that this phase is going to be a bit more faster paced than the out-hull phase. I, for one, am glad for that. I think that I was starting to get frustrated with out-hull at the end because it got to the point during the last couple weeks that I just wasn't getting anything done.

One of the side-effects of having to stay up all night, though, is getting to watch all kinds of bizarre independent and/or foreign films on TV. It has been a while since I have stayed up so late, and I had forgotten how being tired can add another layer of oddity to such programming. It isn't all bad though. Cartoon Network, for instance, shows all kinds of anime plus Family Guy and Futurama!


PL Refit Project: Deflector Dish

24 June 06

In-Hull, Here I Come!
This past week was the last week of Out-Hull training at Prototype. It was rather trying, as the pace of progress slowed down considerably due to studying and preparation for the 7 week exam and clogged sign-up lists for check outs. The way it works is that you prepare to get a check out on a certain system or topic by studying for it, then you sign up on a list to orally go over the materiel one on one with an instructor. However, since my class is the largest ever to come through Prototype, that list gets very long and moves at a glacial pace. However, I don't have to deal with that anymore since I am now on my way to shift work. I'll be starting at 1600 on Monday. Should be fun!

I've also gotten my Battlefleet Gothic page put together. There isn't a whole lot on it yet, but  as always I will be gradually expanding it.


Battlefleet Gothic Page is now Online!

12 June 06

New Toy(s)
I'm really starting to get into this Battlefleet Gothic thing. I have three more ships to build out of that starter set that my friend and I built, but I am already thinking of what ships I want to buy to expand my fleet! At the very least, it seems this will be a fun and pleasant diversion that will be a little more hands-on than the average video game. Speaking of which, I picked up my DS Lite from the local EB yesterday. I've posted some pictures below, so check them out!

The weather looks like it is going to be rather crummy the next few days. Not only will there be a front moving through, but Tropical Storm Alberto is going to be affecting the area on Wednesday. They are projecting high winds and strong storms that could result in flooding and even tornados. Sounds like a good time to be indoors!


Nintendo DS Lite

9 June 06

"There is no Peace Among the Stars"
The incredibly rich Warhammer fantasy universe has been attracting me ever closer ever since I first stumbled upon the Games Workshop store at the Annapolis mall. I almost took the plunge and bought a starter set after playing the excellent Dawn of War computer game based on the franchise, but I didn't quite get all the way to the point of actually making the purchase. In a way, it is perhaps a good thing that I did not know about this game in high school; if I had, I would no doubt be up to my armpits in miniatures by now! My friend Mike (different Mike than my old room mate!) has managed to convince me to finally take the first step of buying one of their starter sets. Specifically, this starter set is for the Battlefleet Gothic variant of the game. Mike and I wound up on the same crew , which means we will be off at the same odd hours of the day and night when we go in-hull. We figure this will give us something to do to stay out of trouble ;).

This time around I actually have an update on my Refit project. As I mentioned last time. I'm working on a few small sub-assemblies of the model at once. The reason is that I'm essentially waiting for the lighting kit I'm planning on using to be released. A guy I know from the Hobbytalk boards is planning on putting together a kit based on the models he builds for sale. You can see some examples of his fine work here. He is understandably busy, though, so this kit is taking a while to produce. If he isn't finished with it by the end of the month, I may have to move on to Plan "B," which is where I coble the light system together myself.  In the meantime, one of the little side-jobs has reached the point where I can post on it. Check it out below!

Oh, and I noticed that when I updated a few days ago I forgot to change the date of the post, but I have now fixed it. Whoops!


A Set of Rims for the Big E

5 June 06

Summer is here!
Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I last updated, but even so I updated so many times in early May that I don't feel too bad about it ;). I would have updated over the weekend, but I was out sick on Friday and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend recuperating.

Truth be told, the update for today is a rather paltry offering. I haven't gotten a whole lot done on my Refit model since I last wrote about it. I am pretty much at the point where I am working on a number of small jobs and none of them is really complete enough to do a write up on. Hopefully, I'll have an update on that front this weekend. Instead of updating that, I have written a new rant on some issues that have come to light due to the heavy updating I did last month. It is nothing major, certainly nothing bad, but I felt these issues were significant enough to warrant a separate article. Also, I did a few house keeping updates to the Links and About pages.


On the Issue of Updates...
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