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16 July 06

Next week is what is known as T-week, which is a short 4-day week that is followed by a 4-day weekend. I can hardly wait! I had this weekend off too, so that would make two weekends in a row that I have had off. How novel!

My sister had her graduation party back in Indiana yesterday. I wish I could have been there, as it sounds like it was a great time. My Dad, in his usual style, decided to use the event as the motivation to complete a last-minute home improvement. In this case, it was building a deck on the back of the house! He and a couple of friends put it together in about two days of constant work. Having been a part of these "projects" in the past, I'm not so sorry that I missed that part ;).

Today's update is a major addition to my fledgling BFG site. I have finally gotten all of the ship descriptions filled out, and I have also done some major re-working to the format. Gone are the java-script menus, and instead are static table-based ones. Be sure to check it out!


BFG Page HUGE Update

06 July 06

Working for a Living
Whew! Well, I managed to survive my first week of shift work down at Prototype. All in all, I think I came through it failly unscathed. I seem to have had little trouble adjusting to the sleep schedule, so  that is good. Unfortunately, it looks like this schedule is going to make regular updates to the site more difficult. Working 7 days then having 2 days  off isn't conductive to having a whole lot of free time!  For now though, I have a quick update for you on my Refit project.

Oh, its a little belated, but Happy 4th of July!


PL Refit Project: Warp Engine Grills
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