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29 August 06

Back to Work
Hard to believe that another month has come and gone! I had my 4-day weekend this past weekend. Normally, this would have meant that I would have updated the site several times, but more important matters have intervened. You see, my parents have been down visiting and we've been seeing the sights around Charleston and eating at some very yummy restaurants. They are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary today, so congratulations to them!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. When I haven't been at work trying to get qualified, I've been pushing to finish up my refit model. I have posted a short update today, but I've made a lot more progress past what I've put up below. Also, I picked up the expansion pack for Civilization 4, called Warlords. I'm really enjoying it so far, and I'm sure it is going to keep me busy for a good time to come.


PL Refit Project: The Neck

11 August 06

It's Really Friday!
Whew, as usual my time off has flown by. I have to go back to work tomorrow already. Oh well, I got a lot done on the model the last few days, so I can't complain. Today I've got another update for you on that. I'm pretty much to the point now where the limiting component with the model is waiting for paint to dry, which is where I want to be. At this stage, I can paint a part of the model, leave for work, and it can be drying while I'm gone.

When I haven't been working on my model, I've been playing games. Oddly enough, I've been on a Donkey Konga kick lately, after not having touched it for months. Gwen and I played it a little bit when she was down last time, and I think that has a bit to do with it. Anyway, there is this one song on the Japanese version of Donkey Konga 2 in particular that I've been playing.  It is called "Odoru Ponpokorin," and it is the theme song for a children's anime called Chibi Maruko-Chan, which is about a small girl growing up in 1970's Japan. Anyway, you can see and hear it here: Odoru Ponpokorin

With another busy week of work coming up, I have no idea when I'll get around to another update. Hopefully I'll be able to get another update to my Battlefleet Gothic website soon!


PL Refit Project: The Nacelles

09 August 06

A Friday by Any Other Name
Bear with me here, I've been up for almost 24 hours and as a result I'm in a bit of a goofy mood. Well, goofier than normal that is. Before I get started, I wanted to tell you all about the new cat that my family has adopted back home in Indiana. Her name is Snickers, and she was apparently abandoned at our greenhouse business. My Mom has been sending me pictures, and she looks to be incredibly cute. Here are a couple of my favorite shots:

It may be Wednesday, but it feels like a Friday to me due to the fact that I have just finished mids and I am off work until Saturday morning. Now that I have a little time to myself (and need something to do to keep me awake!), I have time to do a proper update on my Polar Lights Refit project. As I mentioned last time, I've made quite a bit of headway. It is starting to look more like a model and less like a box of unassembled parts, which is always a motivating thing! I plan to work quite a bit on this thing the next couple of days, so I might get another update posted on it if I have time.

Other than work and modeling, I haven't been getting much else done. When I have time, I play a little bit of Odama on my GameCube, or settle back to enjoy some Tetris or MarioKart on my DS. I haven't been playing a lot of games on my computer since my recent Civ 4 binge a week or so ago, but I still have yet to finish the Command & Conquer compilation I bought a while back. Until I get that knocked out, I'm not likely to get any new computer games.


PL Refit Project: Engineering Section Lighting

08 August 06

Tired At 10 AM
The worst part about mids, I think, is how badly it messes up the schedule of all your bodily functions. I'm finding it is hard to completely turn my sleep schedule around in two days, only to turn it back around a week later. Oh well, that is the job. Lately, I have been using a lot of my free time to get some work done on my Refit model. I've made quite a bit of progress since I last wrote about it, but a proper update will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day when I have enough time to sort through all the pics I've taken of it and can put together an article (or two!). In the meantime, I've decided it is about time to shoot my mouth off again, and so here is another rant for your consumption!

The Nintendo DS:  On A Roll

01 August 06

Wow, hard to believe that it is August already! I have been so busy at work lately that time seems to fly by. The boat is back up and operating, meaning that we can finally start standing our qualification watches. While I am still behind in my quals, I am doing better after this last shift cycle. I am starting Mids (2000 to 0800) tomorrow evening, so I've been trying to get my sleep schedule re-arranged to get ready for it. I think I have mostly succeeded, but I have to admit that I am feeling a bit lazy and so this won't be a huge update. Not that I have a lot to report on anyways, seeing as I haven't been getting a lot of work done on my Refit model or my Battlefleet Gothic fleet. Lately, what little free time I have had has been effectively Hoovered up by Civilization 4. I have been getting a little bit of work done on these projects, but not enough to post about just yet. Hopefully I will be able to manage a few more updates to the site than I made last month, but no promises!
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