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21 October 06

Moving Out
Yesterday was the NPTU graduation ceremony, so now I am officially done with prototype. I have until early November to report to Submarine Officer's Basic Course (SOBC) in Groton, CT though, which gives me a couple of weeks off. The movers will be coming to my apartment on Monday to grab all my stuff, which leaves me in a bit of a quandry. I am planning on going up to Virginia to pick up Gwen and then driving back to Indiana, and it is 8 hours to her house. Thus, if the movers don't get done until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it won't make much sense to head north until Tuesday. If, however, they are done around noon, I will head north. If I can't get started to Virginia until Tuesday, Steve and Ann from the choir have been nice enough to offer to let me stay over at their place Monday night. The process of getting ready to move has been an interesting one, since this is the first time I'm using government-contracted movers. I had to pull out all the stuff that the movers either will not take or else stuff I do not trust them to move. For example, all of the paints and glues I use with my boat and model have to go with me. I also shipped my large models via UPS, to make sure they got back to Indiana in one piece. Suffice to say, the ol' Festiva is packed to the gills!

Speaking of the Festiva, I had a harrowing incident involving the car. I was driving home late Wednesday night after watching a movie at Steve & Ann's, and a ambulance suddenly pulled out in front of me. Naturally, I stomped on the brakes, but this was less than effective for I felt something "give" and the break pedal hit the floor. Turns out, a hard break line finally corroded through and ruptured. I just got it back from the garage this afternoon, and hopefully there won't be anymore problems with it until after I get back to Indiana.

The last week has been pretty nice. I've only had to work for a few hours, and I've usually been back home by about 3 pm. This has left me plenty of time for packing, getting caught up on some of my gaming, and, finally, updating the website. The update I've put together this time is for my Battlefleet Gothic page. It has been a while since I've updated it, and I've gotten a lot of new ships since then!


Battlefleet Gothic Page Update

12 October 06

Warp Speed
It is nice to have some time to myself again, I must say. At long last, I've managed to put the finishing touches on my Refit model. I've got not one, but two updates on it this time around. The first one details the final stages of the model's construction, and the second one is a gallery of the completed model.

Refit Enterprise: The Saucer

Refit Enterprise: The Completed Model

02 October 06

Ramming Speed!
I just got back from a great weekend up in Maryland, where I attended the North Eastern IR/CWCC Fall Regionals. I really enjoyed myself, and I have posted a report that included pictures and a couple of short videos. You can find them below.

I feel a bit embarrassed that I only got one update posted last month. The simple truth is that I have been really busy. I have less than three weeks left here in Charleston, but there is still a lot of work left to do before I can qualify. So, I am being required to work late and on days off in order to squeeze everything in. Couple that with trying to finish my Enterprise model and sleeping, and I am left with little time for the site. However, I hope to get some more updates on my model project posted sometime this week.

Oh, and I have finally found out which submarine I am going to after I graduate from SOBC in January. The Navy has assigned me to the USS San Francisco (SSN-711), currently home ported in Bremerton, WA. You may recall, this is the submarine that hit the sea mount in January of 2005. She is still under repairs, and there is no word on when she will be going to sea again. Still, I'm excited about this assignment and about moving to the Seattle area!


Fall Regionals
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