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21 November 06

No Wii for Mii
The Wii is proving to be a very elusive device to get one's hands on! On Sunday morning, I canvassed a number of local store to find one, to no avail. Since then, I've been calling a list of 9 local stores including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, ToysRUs, and several games stores at the local mall. So far, none of them has gotten re-stocked, with many having no idea when they will come in. A few stores have told me they will be getting some this weekend or next week though, so I will continue trying. I've heard rumors that many stores are keeping any shipments they get this week back for Black Friday, which is just ducky. If they think I am going out shopping this Friday, they are out of there ever-loving mind!

Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow night to spend Thanksgiving with Gwen and her family in Virginia. I am riding Amtrak down to Washington, DC from here. I am rather excited about the trip as not only is it a train trip, but it will be my first ride on the Northeast Corridor!


18 November 06

Chilling in the Chalet
So much for staying in the CBQ for a few more days. At lunch yesterday, we were all told we had to move our stuff from the CBQ to the Chalet by midnight. So, I went back, packed my stuff up, and checked in next door at the Chalet. I've posted a few pictures of the room I was assigned below, in case you are interested.  Today, I also bring you a new and improved Games section, one that has smaller subdivisions in the review/impressions list to keep things better organized. I figured this would be important given that I'll be picking up my Wii tomorrow, adding yet another system to the list!

Last night, I went to a local Indian casino called Foxwoods. This was the first time I've ever gone to a casino, and I must say that I had a lot of fun. I went with three of my friends, and since my car is large enough and not as crammed full of stuff as everyone else's seems to be,  I did the designated driver duties. Once we got there, we played a few games and ate dinner. I personally played Texas Holdem, since I actually know how to play that game! I didn't do to badly as I only lost $30. The other guys also played craps, and the bums actually managed to triple their money at it! Which of course you know that means I will be hitting them up for gas money ;).


Re-arranged Gaming Page

My Groton Chalet Room

16 November 06

The Wii Is Almost Here!
Hee hee, I guess my plan to try and update more last weekend didn't work out as well as I hoped. Part of that was because of my own laziness, but I have a little bit of an alibi in that I was down with a cold Saturday and Sunday.  Things continue to go well for me at SOBC, as classes haven't been too difficult and the hours have been nice. My first test will be tomorrow, but I'm not too worried about it. The other good news is that I'm still in my CBQ room, at least for the moment. When I checked in last week, they said that I would be moving over to the less-spacious Chalet tomorrow, but I haven't heard anything since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to stay put for a day or two more as they sort things out over at the Chalet. Not only do they have to free up the rooms that were occupied by the SOBC class ahead of us, but they have to move some of my classmates around who were put in suites that are normally reserved for senior officers. Suffice to say, it is a bit of a mess over there!

This Sunday Nintendo's new console, the Wii (pronounced "We"), will hit stores. I'm definitely going to be seeking one out as a loyal Nintendo fan, with plenty of pictures and impressions to go along with it. I'm kicking it all off today with a rant looking back on the GameCube and looking forward to Wii!


Wii Expectations

10 November 06

Home Sweet CBQ

I haven't been here hardly a week, and already I have a day off ;). l thought I would take the opportunity to post a few pictures of the room I am staying in, They are pretty nice digs, as you can see! I'll try to post a few more updates over the weekend, as I'll have the time to do so.


My Groton CBQ Room

06 November 06

Hello From Groton
Well, after two weeks of leave I'm finally back in the saddle, this time at the New London Submarine Base in Groton, CT where I'll be completing the 10-week Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC). Today was our first day, which means that it mostly consisted of paperwork and indock briefs. Tomorrow will be much the same, with class actually starting on Wednesday. My SOBC (pronounced SO-bic) time should be interesting, as it will be broken up by the launch of the Wii (Nintendo's new console) and the holidays. I'm generally looking forward to the course, though. After a year's worth of nuclear training, I'm finally going to be learning about what my actual job in the Navy, being a Submarine Warrior. I will be learning things like how to dive the submarine, how to track and attack contacts using sonar, visual spotting with the periscope, and radar. Quite exciting stuff! The best part is that the schedule will be quite a bit more relaxed than what I am used to. I will have every weekend off, and I'll only be required to stay until 1600 every day.  Fortunately, this means that I'll be able to post on the site a little more often (If I can pull myself away from Sid Meier's Railroads! long enough).

Over the course of the two weeks off I had  between Prototype and SOBC, I did a lot of driving. This task was made easier by the new car I bought while I was home in Indiana! I purchased a 2007 Ford Escape from my friend Vince's Dad, who works at the Ford dealership in Lowell. This is the first new car I've ever bought, and I've been enjoying it immensely. It has many conveniences, such as a passenger side view mirror (which the Festiva lacked ;) ). Below is a picture of me with my new baby that my Mom took:

I might try to post some more pictures of it along with my Navy digs here in Groton in the next day or two. Until then...

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