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09 February 07

I sure did pick a good week to come home. The wind chills have not been above 0 for the last week here in Indiana! We also got snow out here last Tuesday, and with it being so cold it has stuck around since. The cold is supposedly going to break sometime this weekend, but unfortunately Gwen and I will be leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning. We have had a good visit with my family, but this time around it has been a little bittersweet as I will likely not have another chance to visit for two or three years. Gwen and I have been trying to make the best of it; last night, for example, we went out to Rodizio's Argentinean steakhouse up on Route 30 to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our first date. And tonight, we are going to Lucky Dragon to have dinner, where they have the best sweet and sour soup ever. This morning, I went down to the high school to visit some of my old teachers and talk to some of the JRTOC students. My timing was fortuitous, as the Decathlon team was preparing to board a bus and travel to Purdue for the state competition. The coach, Mr. Gianoti, considered my presence to be a good omen, and who am I to argue?

One of the things I have been working on this week is my Battlefleet Gothic fleet. I have built a couple new ships, and upgraded many of the others with painted bases, delayed repairs, and the like. I have also given my BFG webpage a good overhaul, with pretty much every section being updated. Be sure to check out my article on how I converted an Armageddon-class battle cruiser in the Articles section!


BFG Webpage Update
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