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05 May 05

Ought-Five SIR!
For those you you that may not have noticed, today's date is indeed 05-05-05. Being a member of the class of '05, I find that highly motivating. What I don't find so motivating is having my evening ruined by a stupid instructor. I apologize for being blunt, but some guy that teaches a section of the Submarine Junior Officer's Practicum made a monumental screw up when he gave his class information on the final that was a little too...detailed, shall we say. As a result, the test we took yesterday has been thrown out and we have a re-take at 1930 tonight. The problem is, tonight was the night I was supposed to go down to Fredericksburg for Gwen's graduation ball. Dog-gone it! On the bright side, I have both of my take home tests done and my moving out process is all but complete.

As a point of interest, I ran accros this page yesterday: It is a group of stories written by a guy who is teaching English in Japan. I laughed so hard I cried, but be warned that these stories aren't exactly G-rated (or even R-rated in some cases!).


2 May 05

Movin' On Out
Classes are over, finals are here, and that means it is time for the Great Move Out. The Academy's policy is that your room has to be almost empty and in spotless condition before you are allowed to leave. Every year, this results in an abundance of surplus books, cloths, and miscellaneous items as people realize they have more stuff than they need or know what to do with, and try to get rid of it. As a result, Bancroft Hall becomes something of a pack rat's dream. Given my mile-wide pack rat streak, I pretty much have to walk around with blinders on! Today, I made some good progress towards my goal by taking two Festiva-loads of stuff to my sponsor's house.

Now that I have no classes to worry about, I am goofing off in grand fashion. I am playing through the story of Warcraft III again, and I'm also watching Firefly. Maybe at some point, I'll get some updates made for the site here. Oh yeah, I guess I should try to study for my tests, too.

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