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26 December 06

Merry Christmas!
Here's hoping that all of your holidays were as wonderful as my Christmas was. I got to spend Christmas with my family at home in Indiana, and it was a great time! I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to leave today in order to get back to Virginia to attend my former roommate's wedding. I am now at my girlfriends house, and we are getting ready to attend the service tomorrow. It should be interesting, as this will be the first Jewish wedding I've ever attended! Anyway, I got a lot of neat stuff for Christmas, including a couple of games and a ton of DVD's. One of the highlights is a set of model railroading DVD's from Kalmbach Publishing that my Dad gave me. There is a lot of neat stuff on these discs, and I'm sure it will be a useful resource and source of entertainment for years to come. Another one of my favorites is a book that my friend Vince gave me, called "The Cousins' Wars." It is an interesting read, if a bit challenging at times.

I will try to pound out an update or two over the next few days. I really want to get around to putting up some of the pictures I took over the holidays, and also I want to post some more Wii impressions. Catch y'all later!


16 December 06

Dive, Dive!
I got an interesting call from an LT on my boat last week. It seems that my boat wants me to go to Navy Dive School so that I can be the dive coordinator for the boat when I get there. At first I was taken aback, for as of right now I am definitely not in shape for this physically demanding training. Nevertheless, I've decided that I'm going to take this challenge on. I will have about a month to train for it, so I will be quite busy!

Other than this little ripple in the otherwise placid lake of my life, not a whole lot has happened to disturb the daily SOBC grind. I have been playing my Wii off and on, and as a result I'm posting some impressions for Wii Sports below. I recently managed to score a coup when my friend Kai and I managed to walk into a local Target to discover that they had over a dozen extra remotes/nun chuck attachments. Thus, we both now have a complete set of 4 controllers for our Wiis. When I haven't been enjoying that, I've been working on some of my BFG stuff. Mike Warren and I are planning on having another battle tomorrow (hopefully!). He narrowly beat me again the last time we played, so I'm raring for a re-match.

Astonishingly, I only have two more days of school before I am done in Groton for the holidays. The last day is this Tuesday. I am going to be flying back to Indiana for Christmas, but I am going to be flying out of DC. That means that either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning I will be hitting the road for Virginia. My plan is to leave my car with Gwen so that I will have it there when I come back for my former roommate's wedding. Additionally, due to some bizarre technicality of the Navy's pay and accounting system, my classmates and I are required to move out of the hotel rooms we have been living in. Thus, my car is going to be heavily laden with all my stuff, and I would rather have my girlfriend watch over it than leave it sitting on base somewhere.

Well, once I get out of here, I may or may not be able to update a few times. I will just have to play that by ear!


Wii Sports Impressions

04 December 06

A Good Weekend
By all standards of measure, this past weekend was a good one. On Saturday afternoon, Navy beat Army for the 5th straight time. The game was pretty close for the first three periods, but Navy finally broke it wide open in the fourth with a couple of interceptions and a safety. Then, on Sunday morning I finally got my Wii from the local Target! Truth be told, I was definitely not expecting it to take two weeks for me to track one down. I am amazed at just how popular this things are right now! The page below has a recounting of yesterday's goings on, as well as a few pics of the console itself. I'll try to post a few impressions this week of the games I got.

Wii Get!
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