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18 March 07

Ides of March
Another busy week has flown by already! I haven't been up to a whole lot other than work lately. I'm stll trying to get myself qualified, and to get myself prepared for my upcoming submarine ride. I have been making a little progress, but there is a lot to learn. I found out this week that my ride might actually be a lot shorter than I had originally thought, perhaps as short as a month. Of course, as with everything in the Navy, that could be subject to change.

I've been playing a lot of Dawn of War lately. I picked up the Dark Crusade expansion last week, and I have to admit I've been absolutely fascinated by its campaign mode. It features a world map, and the player gets to pick what territories to attack each turn. It isn't the deepest system to be sure, but I have nonetheless been having a blast with it. What free time I have after that has mostly gone towards my Epic 40k and BFG miniatures. I finally got a chance to play a game of Epic last Friday, and it seems pretty neat. I need to get a few more things from GW and Forge World before I have a full army though. I'm planning on putting together an Imperial Guard force to complement my Imperial Navy BFG fleet. And, if my sub ride is as short as I heard it might be, I could very well be back in time for the May BFG tournament at the Battle Bunker, so that gives me something to look forward too!


11 March 07

Ready On the Left...
Ready On the Right...Ready on the Firing Line! You'll have to excuse me, I'm just a little excited about my upcoming gun shoot. This week I'm going to be re-qualifying on the M9 Berreta service pistol, and I am looking forward to it. as shooting is a pastime that I rarely have the opportunity to engage in. The only downside is that I had to spend an hour and a half of last Sunday working through some rather dull online training about it, but at least I've got that check in the box for my qualification.

I had a three day weekend this weekend due to the fact that Friday was an ARI day. ARI stands for Alcohol Related Incident, and for every 30 days the boat goes without one, the crew gets a Friday off. I took the opportunity to head over to Bellevue WA to play some more BFG and hang out at the Battle Bunker. I'm also getting into another game, this one called Epic. Basically, it is based off the Warhammer 40k universe, but instead of the squad-level combat of that game Epic is played on a company/regimental scale using smaller gaming miniatures. I have purchased enough stuff to have a basic starter army, but I haven't gotten a chance to paint any of it or play a game yet. I'm hoping to get that set up for next week! Anyway, when I haven't been working on my modeling stuff, I've mostly been watching South Park. One of my housemates has 7 seasons worth of box sets, and I've been steadily working through them. I'm not really sitting and watching every single episode though, as I have caught random ones here and there so I'm only watching the ones I haven't seen. Between painting my minis and watching South Park DVD's, I really haven't had a whole lot of time to do much else. This week though, I'm going to try to back of on the model building especially. Last week, I was spending about 3 hours a night working on them!

Today's update is actually another photo gallery. This time, it is a selection of photos that Gwen and I took when we made a side trip to Mount Rushmore during our drive out to Washington State. It is a really neat place!


Mount Rushmore

04 March 07

Settling In
Sorry for the lack of activity around here lately! I've been a bit busy getting all my ducks in a row out here in Washington state. I have been out here about 3 weeks, and I've finally manage to get all of my stuff moved into the place I'm living in. I'm staying in a house with several of the other JO's from the San Francisco's wardroom. Speaking of the boat, I've also managed to finish getting myself checked in, so now I'm actually  trying to get myself qualified to so something useful! When I haven't been trying to get all my stuff put away or been at work, I've had a little time to get familiar with the area and have a little fun. I've made a couple of trips over to the Seattle Games Workshop Battle Bunker, where I've actually managed to find someone else who plays BFG. He also plays a game called Epic, which I am now also getting into. Unfortunately, the Battle Bunker's one and only BFG tournament for the year is planned for May, about the same time I'm supposed to be headed out to sea for a ride on another submarine. Oh well!  I've been talking with the guys that run  the Bunker, and they said they would be willing to try and put together another tournament latter in the year if there was enough interest. So, there is still hope.

Anyway for today's update, I have put up a few pictures of the room I am staying at, before and after I moved all my stuff in. The room is good-sized, so a lot of my stuff actually fit in pretty well. Enjoy the pictures!


My Room In Bremerton
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