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19 May 07

Lazy Day
Today, I've mainly been trying to do as little as possible. This past week has been very busy for me, and quite frankly I need a bit of recovery time! The boat was pushing hard to prepare for a visit by Admiral Donald yesterday, who is the guy in charge of the Navy's entire nuclear program. On top of that, I ran not one but two PRT's last week for the fitness remedial program. Whew! Today, I've mostly been sitting around, playing Pokémon, and watching some anime. I did make a quick trip to the store though, as I was getting desperately short on groceries! Yesterday, I got the chance to play a bit of BFG over at the local comics store with a guy named Ryan. He wound up beating me, but we both had a great time playing. I'm already looking forward to our next game. Tomorrow, I'm going to be participating in a model warship battle that is being run by the Washington Cascade Column. I have been talking with the club, and they are going to be nice enough to let me borrow a ship! This should be a lot of fun, as it has been quite a while since the last time I got to battle. 

Today's update is actually a favor for a guy named Ray Bell who has come up with a nifty new model for a set of rules he has written for BFG. He was having difficulty posting the images of his model, so I'm helping him out by posting them here. Please take a look below!


Eternal Crusader

11 May 07

An Interesting Addition
Hard to believe it, but my convalescent leave is almost over already. I'm going back to work on Monday, so this weekend is kind of my last hurrah! The biggest thing I have planned is heading out to the Battle Bunker on Sunday for a BFG tournament, set to kick off when the store opens at noon. The tourney is slated to be for 2250 points and so should be an exciting event, as it will be the largest battle I've yet participated in, not to mention my first tournament! The only snag is that the staff at the Bunker weren't real confident that there would be much of a turn out for the event, so I might end up winning by default. Hopefully though, I'll have at least one person to fight! For tomorrow, I'm planning on not doing a whole lot at all, mainly just playing some video games and maybe watching a little Toonami. I  got a cable box today to use in my room, which will help me with that endeavor. This box comes with the super-duper remote that I was used to in Charleston, the difference being that this time around I've actually bothered to program it to control my TV and VCR-DVD combo. This cuts the number of remotes floating around from 3 down to 1 (well, 2, if you count my Wii Remote!).

Anyway, today's update is below, and deals with some nifty little widgets I recently picked up to aid in playing BFG. Details below!


3-D Blast Markers

09 May 07

Finishing Projects
As I mentioned last time, I've been trying to make the most of my convalescent leave by using the time to complete a few tasks that have been on the back burner for a while. And, I'm pleased to say, I've made some headway with that endeavor. Yesterday, for example, I finally managed to finish Baten Kaitos Origins, and my supply of un-painted BFG minis is steadily dwindling. Unfortunately, some of my time has gotten eaten up the last few days with some Lappy-related issues. I was having some difficulties with random freezes, odd error messages, and generally poor performance. For a short period, I thought I was going to have to format my system! Fortunately though, after purchasing and running a nifty little program called Registry Mechanic as well as installing the latest drivers for my video card, everything seems to be hunky-dory again.

Today's update is actually another one for the Anime section, and it deals with a figure that I recently received as an early birthday present from my parents. I took some spiffy pictures of it as part of my review, so check them out below!


Eva Unit 01 Revoltech Figure Review

06 May 07

Missing Parts
Well, as you may have deduced from the fact that I am updating, I did not in fact go on a training ride like I was anticipating. In fact, I did not even get to attend the Submarine Birthday Ball with Gwen like I was anticipating. How this turn of events came about is a rather interesting one. A week ago last Friday (which happened to be the day of the Ball), I came down with appendicitis, which effectively put me out of commission for the entirety of that weekend. Gwen drove me over to the Bremerton Naval Hospital, where the doctors poked, prodded, and finally pronounced my appendix as "angry." I went into surgery that evening, where the doctors performed a Laparoscopic Appendectomy on me. I'm told that this form of Appendectomy is frankly the top of the line model, and seeing as the procedure calls or something called a "Trocar," who am I to disagree? By the way Sis, the procedure is apparently AMA code #44970, in case you were curious.

 Anyway, I was given two weeks of convalescent leave to recover from this little incident, which kind of worked out for Gwen and me. While we did, unfortunately, miss the Ball, the leave I got as a result meant that we did get to spend more time together than we would have otherwise. Effectively, I have one week of leave left since I have been ordered to report for work a week from tomorrow, 14 May. In the mean time, I'm going to try and take this opportunity to get caught up on a few side projects I've had festering for a while. For one, there is a fair amount of BFG miniatures painting to do. Also, I am finally getting towards the end (I think!) of the Gamecube RPG Baten Kaitos Origins, so I'm looking to polish that one off this week. So, I should have plenty to keep me busy. Today's update is actually another BFG article, this one about how I painted my small Chaos fleet.


Painting My Chaos Fleet
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