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20 October 07

Back in Town
I've finally returned from my ride on board the USS Miami. I'm back in Bremerton, safe and sound. I had a really good trip; I got to see some amazing places, and managed to get a lot of quals done. I also got to make a lot of new friends who helped me a lot a long the way. However, now that I am home, it is time to turn my attentions to the shipyard life once again. I will be reporting back down to the San Fran on Monday, and I anticipate I will be getting put on the EDO (Engineering Duty Officer) watch bill in short order. This means that I will be pretty busy, since I will be spending every third night on the boat. The holidays are coming up, though, so I have a 10-day leave period coming up from 26 December to 05 January.

So, I figure that while I have a little time this weekend I should post an update on my site and break the 2+ month drought. Today's update is a small selection of the more than 300 photos I took while riding the Miami that chronicle two of the port calls we made. Please take a look!


My Ride On Board the USS Miami
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