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25 May 09

Happy Memorial Day!

Oddly enough, I have actually had a chunk of the holiday weekend off for a change. I had duty last night, but other than that I have been mostly free. Last Friday was my Birthday, and I had a command picnic to help me celebrate! Then, on Saturday, I made a trip out to the nearest theater to see the new Star Trek movie. I've written some more about this below, but suffice to say I liked it! As part of my expedition out, I snagged a copy of the new Enterprise toy from the movie. I've also put together a review of the ship, which you can also find below.

Things are really going by won't be long before I'm wedging myself behind a seatback tray and winging off to Seattle. I am getting pretty excited about the trip, as I will be on leave and able to enjoy the entire weekend by playing games with my friends. This is a bit of a change, as most of the time I was in Bremerton I was joined at the hip to the boat. Whenever I took leave, it was always to go out of town.

By and by, there is a new Homestar Runner update that is all about the Cheat. It features a rather catchy tune that has been getting stuck in my head for days, so be warned! It was posted while I was underway, so I finally saw it last time I was online and catching up on my web comics. That is one of the cool things about coming back from an underway; there is always a lot of entertaining stuff to catch up on. I guess some might find that to be a little overwhelming, but I always kind of find it exciting.

Well, enjoy the updates. I might get one more in before the end of the month while I'm on leave. Hee hee, when was the last time you saw me update 3(!) times in one month?


Playmates USS Enterprise Toy

My Obligatory "Star Trek" Rant

19 May 09


Well, I'm back again. This time, I will be in port for a while, as the San Fran is heading into a major overhaul period. This it pretty exciting, but also disappointing at the same time. On one hand, we are getting a bunch of new electronic gadgets, including a new sonar and fire control suite. This is really important to the future usefulness of the ship, as our current gear would struggle to run a game of Pong! However, it also means that we are going to be tearing the boat apart, barely a month after we just got done putting her back together. Oh least the weather is nicer down here!

Speaking of which, I will be taking some leave later next week so that I can fly back to Bremerton and get my car. I am really looking forward to this, as I really miss the convenience. In the mean time, I am still trying to make the best of things in my barracks room. I am still looking for a permanent place to live, probably something along the lines of a town home or condo. Two major considerations are driving this choice. One, I need to get a place that's big enough for both Gwen and me, since she will be moving in this fall after our wedding. Second, I need a place that has some garage space for my modeling pursuits. Most apartments (and wives!) get a little upset when you start running your airbrush in the house ;).

During the recent underway, I was able to take a few hours and revamp my Battle Fleet Gothic page. Most of the changes are beneath the skin, as I rearranged the subdirectories to keep things better organized. There are a few new pages though, especially in the ship profiles section. I also tweaked a few of the existing ones, correcting spelling errors and the like. Enjoy!


BFG Page Re-Launch!
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