Model combat warships are radio controlled models that, as the name suggests, are equipped with BB cannons and a thin hull skin, and are designed to fight, sink other ships, and be sunk. The internal components are either waterproofed or are not harmed by short submersions in fresh water. Consequently, a ship can be raised after sinking, have its hull patched, and be sent out again on the same day. There are several permutations of this hobby, but the ships I am interested in building are 1/144th scale (1 inch=12 feet) models of major warships built during the first half of the 20th Century. At this scale, battleships, battle cruisers, and heavy cruisers are around 4-6 feet long. Smaller ships, such as destroyers and submarines, are possible but difficult because of their small size. I am currently a member of the International Radio Control Warship Combat Club, known as the IR/CWCC.

Event Reports

The Boat

I have chosen to build the SMS Moltke as my first ship. The Moltke was a German battle cruiser completed before WWI. Mr. Thomas Tanner has made a very nice website devoted to the German Navy during this era, and it includes a page with an overview of the Moltke. Her first battle was in the fall 2004 Northeast IR/CWCC Regionals held in Joppa, MD. She went on to  win the Class 4 Sortie Average at the 2005 Nationals.

*NEW* Moltke Refit 2011 - Pulling the ol' girl out of mothballs!

Moltke Refit  - Getting the Moltke ready for the battling season

US Interwar Cruiser Design & Development - This is a research paper I wrote for one of my history classes, The Navy in the Age of Battleships. I thought I would post it here, incase anyone would like to read it!

Construction Details & Information

Photos of the Finished Moltke

Moltke Photo Gallery

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