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20 Feb. 05

Then Give Three Cheers and One Cheer More...
For the hardy captain of the Pinafore! Yes, as you might have divined from the title, the Glee Club's musical HMS Pinafore is now in full-swing. I have reprised my bit-role as the publicist (called a PAO or Public Affairs Officer in Navy lingo) for the show. I have been getting pretty good at this job, having done it for the musical last year and the Halloween concert. I have to say, the differences between this show and last year's Pajama Game are striking. In some ways, the Pinafore  is a more simplistic show. There is only one set, and with two small exceptions all the characters wear one costume for the whole show. On the other hand, the language and choreography of the show is much more complex. Being from the 19th century, much of the dialogue is somewhat unfamiliar, for example (although, the Pajama Game was full of such classic1950s era  insults such as "Go roll a hoop down Main Street!"). Also, one can't forget that Pinafore is such a long-established and well-known show that small mistakes will likely get noticed. Overall though, I feel that Pinafore is the superior show; it is much more wittier in that it doesn't depend on a lot of sexual innuendo or slapstick for laughs. So yeah. If you are in the area and are able, make sure you go see it! There will be shows this Friday and Saturday at 2000, and on Sunday at 1500.

On the gaming front, this week has seen the re-kindling of my Warcraft III addiction. For whatever reason, Warcraft III and its expansion, The Frozen Throne, are still able to penetrate the Academy's nuclear firewall and get through to the outside world. This game is one of those that I can sit down and sink 3 hours into without batting an eye! If you play, my screen name is Ruckdog. Look me up if you play on the US East server! Also, I am still chewing my way through Baten Kaitos. I am so far into the game that I have just decided to go ahead and wait to do a review of it instead of trying to write impressions. As soon as I finish with that, I'm hoping to finally dive back into Pikmin 2. I just might get to Resident Evil 4 sometime this year ;).

Anyway, tomorrow is President's Day, and I have no class. One of the benefits of going to a government-run school is all the 3-day weekends! Basically, and day that you don't get mail, we don't have class. I hope to get a little more updating done on this thing, but I also have a 15-page paper to start writing. So, no guarantees!


7 Feb. 05

10k Hooray!
Today, I ran the Intramural 10k run. That is considerably longer than I usually run, but it helped that I was running with a group of friends. Anyway, I made it! And hey, today wasn't such a bad day to go running. Once again, I've managed to fall behind on updating the site. No matter, though. I've been gainfully employed doing things like passing classes and getting ready to graduate. I'll try to put together a more impressive update later this week, but right now I just feel too tired to mess with it.

Later this week I will be picking the date that I will be going to Nuclear Power school on. I just got back from a weekend trip to Charleston, and I have to say that I am pretty psyched to live in the area for 6 months to a year. I'm still undecided as to where I will live in relation to the school itself. I'm leaning toward living in the down town area, but that would leave me with a considerable commute. About the only thing I am certain of is that I don't want to live in the immediate area of the base. Fortunately, the Academy is running a housing fair for the Firsties who service selected subs, so that will hopefully help me decide.

Oh, and I would like to announce that Gwen and I are celebrating the first anniversary of our first date today!

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