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17 Jan. 05

For those of you who might still be in the dark, there is a new Teen Girl Squad posted over at Homestar Runner. This little side-series seems to go farther off the deep end with each episode. One can only imagine the depths of abnormality the next installment will plumb. While I'm on the subject of web-based silliness, it seems there is discord in the land of webcomics. Apparently  PVP creator Scott Kurtz's mouth has gotten him in trouble again (which it is want to do), this time with Piro over at Megatokyo. I leave it up to you to investigate this disturbance if you are so inclined, but I think I can save you a lot of trouble by just saying up front it is much ado about nothing. Oddly enough, the offending comments seem to have been removed from PVP's website, because I'll be a monkey's uncle if I can find them anywhere. This incident has had the curious side effect of highlighting for me how interconnected the major webcomics are. I only read 3: PVP, Penny Arcade, and Megatokyo. It seems like every other month or so one has something to say about one or both or the other two, and it gives the impression of a loose-knit and distinctly dysfunctional family. Awwww....

Ah, it is hard to believe that the 3-day weekend is winding down. I must say that in spite of a bad case of a common ailment know as "duty," I managed to get a good amount of relaxing done. And, I think the string of updates to this website are evidence of that. Today, I decided to write another rant for the major update I mentioned yesterday. The more astute among you may have noticed that the link to my Japan Coverage has disappeared from the upper right corner of the main page. Fear not, that link can now be found in the USNA section.

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16 Jan. 05

House Keeping
Wow, Main-O was a blast yesterday. *cough*

Anyway, since I have tomorrow off and next to no homework, I decided to spend most of this afternoon sleeping. I must say, I feel great after that nap. Huzzah for Lazy Sundays! I have also put some of my bountiful free time to use by updating the site. At long last, I have gotten around to updating the Warships section with an updated overview of the Moltke. I have also done a few minor tasks like updating the About section. These little jobs have been piling up for a while, and it is about time that I get working on them. I will be finishing these up tomorrow as well as posting a major update.

Updated Moltke Overview

15 Jan. 05

It's Main-O Time, Baby!
This weekend is the NESA's (National Eagle Scout Associaton) annual Academy jamboree. There are over 2,500 scouts from all over the country on the yard this weekend taking merit badge classes taught by midshipman. And, since I have Main Office watch and duty all weekend, I happen to be around to see it.

While I was on watch this morning, I sat down and pounded out a full review of Tales of Symphonia. I really enjoyed the game, and I encourage you to check it out. Hopefully, I will be able to dig in and play a little Baten Kaitos this evening. This game is incredibly beautiful, but I am still trying to get the hang of the card-based battle system. While we're on the topic of games, praise for Resident Evil 4 is widespread. Even Brandon over at Nintendorks has given in to the temptation to buy it. I myself, having enjoyed the earlier games in the series, am naturally looking forward to RE 4 as well. I have played the in-store demo several times, and it was pretty friggin' sweet. However, I think that unlike Brandon I'm going to have to put getting this game off for a while more. I am still up to my ears in under-played games, and that isn't going to change any time soon.

Tales of Symphonia Review

11 Jan. 05

Almost Done (Finally!)
Well, here it is, the first update of 2005. Two Thousand and Five....that has a nice ring to it! Only 130 some days to graduation, and I can hardly wait. Well, now that it is the new year, I am going to put some time into making a few tweaks here and there around the site. I'll be rearranging and playing with the sections, mostly as an effort to keep things fresh. For now, I made a new banner and I have put up a new rant in the Rants section (formerly Editorials). I will be making several substantial updates this weekend, as I will be here at the Academy with duty for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Weeee.

This school year looks like it will be fun, but busy as usual. The two history classes I am taking are interesting and are taught by very charismatic teachers. One is "The US Navy in the Age of Battleships" and the other is "The Golden Age of Piracy" (Yarrr!). About the only thing that stands on the horizon as a big deal is the PRT coming up on Thursday morning. I am developing my usual case of nerves over the test, even though I have been working really hard to prepare for it. Once I get past that, however, things should smooth out considerably.

It finally happened: I managed to finish Tales of Symphonia! It took me 6 months, but I finally got through it. One of my updates this weekend will be a full review of this game. Since I finished that one, I've started Baten Kaitos, and I've also continued to play Halo 2. Yep, that's right, Halo 2. One of my Christmas presents was (Gasp!) and Xbox, and I've since gotten into a couple of multiplayer matches with some people in my company. Ever since I've gotten the blasted thing, I've been the object of incessant ribbing from some (*cough*, Vince, *cough*), but that isn't going to stop me from putting some Xbox related content on the site ;). This little incident has also given me some fodder for the rant below, so check it out (my rant isn't about Vince, by the way, as I know he is just kidding. However, he reminded me of the subject).

Fans vs. Fanboys
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