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28 Mar. 05

He is Risen!
Happy Easter everyone! I know it sounds corny, but this time of year always gives me a joyful feeling inside, from a combination of the celebration of the Lord's sacrifice and the impending arrival of warm weather and the end of classes.

Wow....over a month, and no update. This would make me at what the nuclear sub community refers to as "Dink," which is short for delinquent. The tale of how I have managed to not update for almost a month is a strange and long one, but suffice to say that a lot of school work and Spring Break had something to do with it. On the school work front, I think I am pretty much over the hump as far as that is concerned. The rest of the materiel in my classes is pretty easy compared to what we have covered so far, and the biggest assignment I have coming up is a whopping 3 page paper.

On tap for today, I have decided to post a paper I wrote for one of my history classes on my Warships page. This paper is a survey of US Navy cruiser design and construction between world wars, so check it out if you are so inclined. Also, I have put together some musings on the recent launch of the Sony PSP and how it relates to the Nintendo DS. Let the ranting begin!

PSP Is Here: So what?
US Navy Interwar Cruiser Design & Development
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