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25 Oct 05

In The Waiting Line

It seems like I have done nothing but stand in line today. First I had to go to Navy Medical to get a chest X-ray, and I had to wait about an hour to get through. Then I went to the Commissary, and stood in line for 20 minutes waiting to check out! Thankfully, I had my GameBoy Mirco and my copy of A Link To the Past along with me to ease the pain, and seeing as I was done for the day at 1145 I'm not complaining.

I had intended to update more this month, but Pre-School turned out to be a busier time than I was hoping. It has taken me two weeks, but I've finally gotten back around to the site. Since I last posted, Battlefield 2 has continued to monopolize my gaming time. So much so, I purchased a microphone headset at the NEX today so that I can talk to my team mates easier. When I haven't been playing BF 2 (such as when I'm in line), I've been sinking my teeth into some 2D Zelda goodness on my Micro.  In other news, I have developed a healthy addiction to CSI. Spike TV shows two episodes every night, and I'm usually right there watching them. I can't exactly explain my new-found affinity for the show; it has the ability to just suck me in. Once I start watching, I just have to finish the episode. So yeah, it is a good show.


08 Oct 05

Navy 27 - Air Force 24

Holy Cow, what a game! Navy had me going for a while, going down 10 at the half, but they held out and managed to tie the game before kicking the winning field goal with seconds left. Actually, it was surprisingly reminiscent of last year's game, which was also won on a last minute field goal. Making the victory doubly sweet is that it was played at Navy -Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for the first time since 1997. I have no doubt that being able to play on home turf gave Navy a big boost. With this win over Air Force, Navy is now 2-2, which is not too bad. I was worried going into this season since this year's team is so young, but after today I think it might turn out okay.

It is funny how things work out sometime...I was just thinking the other day that it is odd that Square-Enix has never re-released the Final Fantasy games from the SNES era on the Game Boy Advance, and lo and behold, they are.  Honestly, I've only ever played the first part of FF VI, so I would have to say I am most interested in that one. This is interesting, though...even with the DS and PSP on the market, the GBA is still going strong. 2D gaming still has a home! At any rate, a while back I finished re-watching Gundam Wing and promised a review of the series, and here it is. I have been meaning to write this review for years, since Gundam Wing is one of the first series I ever bought. The series is a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy the review.

Anime Review: Gundam Wing

04 Oct 05

Back To School

Well, pre-school has finally begun which means that a big bite has been taken out of my free time. I have to be at school by 0645, and classes last until 1600. Outside of those hours I have to put in 15 hours of study, which is a grand total of 60 hours a week. This schedule will last for the next three weeks, and then the real work starts. Once I get into actual power school, the difficulty of the materiel is going to drastically increase. So, for right now I am just trying to get myself ready by adjusting to the routine (0500 wake-ups, yay!) and making sure that my studying habits are up to the task.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well. I picked up one of the fancy new Game Boy Micros on Saturday, and I have to say I am rather impressed. This little widget just oozes style! I was a little worried about the screen being too small to see easily, but that has proven not to be the case. Even though it is smaller than the normal GBA's screen, the Micro's brightness and sharpness more than make up for that. I also picked up a copy of Battalion Wars, which I am finding to be a funny and enjoyable game. I'm not sure what my schedule will allow me to do, but I will try to get articles about both of these posted soon.

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