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20 April  08

The Winds of Change

Ah, back again. Well, things have been flying by at their usual break-neck pace lately. I've recently passed by board and have been qualified as Ship's Duty Officer, which means I'll soon be able to stand duty on the forward end of the ship, not just in the Engine Room. Also, our ship is getting a new Commanding Officer soon, as our current Captain has reached the end of his tour. The official change of command ceremony is this Friday! Last weekend was the Submarine Birthday Ball, and I flew Gwen out so that she could go to it with me. We had  a very nice time, as I was actually able to go this year. Last year, I came down with appendicitis on the day of the ball, and so Gwen and I spent the evening in the Hospital instead of on the dance floor! Hopefully, I'll be able to post some pictures of the event soon, but what with all my work on the boat and all of this Battlestar Galactica to watch, who knows when I'll get it done ;).

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