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29 June 08


Ah, another month, another update. Sliding in under the wire, right before the calendar flips over to July, no less. Funnily enough, it is hotter than blue blazes out here. This week the temperatures are forecast to be in the low 90's, quite uncharacteristic for Washington State!

The picture above is from another table top game I am just getting into called WW II Micronauts: The Game. It is a set of rules for 1/2400 scale warship miniatures made by GHQ Models. As you can see, the ships are pretty tiny! This is a model of the USS Indiana, BB-58. I picked up the rulebook and a couple of battleships, just to try it out. If I don't like it, then the worst case is that I have a few new models to put on the shelf!

Last Friday, Chad and I set of on a little jaunt around Puget Sound, and discovered a neat new spot to play called The Game Matrix. It is about 30 minutes or so away from Bremerton in Tacoma. This is the place where I found the Micronauts, by the way. There are a number of tables set up to allow for gaming, and they have a wide selection of all kinds of stuff. It reminds me a lot of a similar store near Gwen that is called Games Parlor. All in all, it is definitely a place Chad and I are planning on returning to play some of our favorite games.

As for the boat, I am getting closer and closer to qualifying. Hopefully, I can make it before next weekend, when Gwen's parents arrive for a visit!

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