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21 Dec 08

Snowed In!

It took  almost 2 years, but I have finally seen a heavy, accumulating snow here in Bremerton. Obsoive:

There are a few more pics at the link below if you are interested! This storm has really been something. We actually got hit in two waves. The first came in on Thursday, when we got a couple of inches. The thing is, this area is the type of place that doesn't get snow all that often. As a result, the town doesn't have the equipment to deal with snow effectively, and people don't know how to drive in it to boot. Thus,  a couple of inches might as well have been a couple of feet up here! As a result, the bases around here were shut down, and there were numerous traffic accidents, some more serious than others.

The second wave came through last night, and piled on to the first storm's accumulation which hadn't melted yet on account of it staying quite cold in the mean time. So, here we are, with about 8" of snow in a place that can't deal with 2. I have duty tomorrow, and I'm seriously considering walking down to the boat rather than driving! In the mean time though, I am going to hole up here in the house.

I had originally planned on getting out and about for a few games of BFG today, but with all of this weather those plans have obviously gone by the wayside. Which is fine, as I have plenty of other things to keep me busy. For example, I'm darn close to finishing the painting of my 40k Imperial Guard army. I'm trying to get the models I have painted by Christmas, in case Santa brings me something to add to my army ;). Also, I am still working on a couple of games, such as Zak & Wiki and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching. I have duty on Christmas Day, but I am flying out to Indiana on Friday to spend the week after with Gwen and my family back in Indiana. I will try to get another update in before the New Year, but with how crazy things get, you can never tell.


Bremerton Snow Storm

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