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21 June 09

New Digs

Today is, of course, Fathers Day, and I wanted to extend my best wishes to my Dad. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see him in person today, but I did get a chance to have a lengthy conversation on the phone with him and that was nice. Happy Father's Day, Dad, and I love you. Happy Fathers Day too to my future brother in law, Jimmy; he and his wife had their second son a few days ago. Congratulations!

I finally moved out of the barracks and into my new apartment last Thursday. I don't have a lot of my stuff down here yet, as my household goods move won't be executed until late July. I do have what I was able to cram into my car when I drove it down to California from Washington, but other than that I've had to get a few pieces of temporary furniture (folding tables and chairs, for example) to create a semi-comfortable existence here. All that being said, I couldn't be happier with my new place. There is a lot of room, the location is great, and the management has been very responsive in correcting any issue I might have. You can see some pictures below, as well!


San Diego Apartment

14 June 09

Putting it Together

I suppose you might be wandering what "it" means. In reality, it is not one thing but rather several. First, I've been putting together the plan for moving into the new apartment I've found. I'm moving in on Thursday (stand by for a set of pics on that!), and along with just moving in I've also had to do all the requisite set up for the utilities, and most importantly, internet service. I think I am almost there, but it has taken more time and hassle than I might have expected! I've also been putting together a lot of minis for my Warhammer 40k army lately. I had purchased a lot of models for it, but obviously I haven't had time to assemble and paint much of it. I've been making steady progress on it, trying to knock out a little bit each night. I've also been working on the plans for me and Gwen's honeymoon, and they are pretty much done. I'll go into a little more detail in the future, but we are going to Disney World!

Finally, I have been putting together a massive battle report for the Battlefleet Gothic game Sean and I had a couple of weeks ago while I was back in Bremerton visiting. This was probably our last battle together, so I felt it was only right that I put a little more time and effort into the article.

Oh, and Happy Flag Day!


Battle Report: Space Marines Vs. Imperial Navy
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