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20 Nov. 05

It's Main-O Time, Baby!
I watched Navy roll to its 6th victory yesterday by beating Temple. We're now Bowl Eligible, baby! From what I read online in the Capitol (the Annapolis local newspaper), it looks like Navy is going to either San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl or to  Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Personally, I'd rather see the team go to a great Navy Town like San Diego, but we'll find out tomorrow. Next up, of course, is Army. This year's game will be huge for several reasons. First, it will decide who gets the Commander in Chief's trophy since both Navy and Army have beaten Air Force this year. Second, it will decide which team is the first to 50 wins, since Army and Navy are tied at 49 wins a peice. Third, Army is having a much better season this year, having won 4 straight, which means that this year's game will be a much more hotly contested battle. Last but not least, it is ARMY-NAVY! I remember that during my Plebe and Youngster years, when both teams were struggling, the mantra was that the only game of the season that really mattered was the Army-Navy game. Even if you lost every other game, if you won Army-Navy your season would be a success. Nothing has changed that, which means that this will be a heck of a game to watch! 

In other news, I have finally put together a review for Battlefield 2. When you spend so much time with a game, you get to know it well. See my thoughts on it below!

Battlefield 2 Review

11 Nov 05


Veteran's Day

Well, the occasion of offering a remembrance to those who have gone before me seemed as good a reason as any to update the site. When I think of all the hardships endured by American fighting men and women for hundreds of years, it makes Nuclear Power School not seem so bad. Yeah it is hard, but it isn't Bastogne, Khe Sahn, Chosin, or any other countless places where Americans have fought with honor.

Speaking of Power School, it is going alright. I have two tests next week, so having no class today gave me a great chance to catch up on my studies. Tomorrow is going to be the big Navy-Notre Dame game. Yeah, it's true that we have lost for the last 40-some years, but the streak has to end sometime, and it might as well be this year!

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