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29 Jan 06

Only The Strongest Survive..

So, I went and saw Annapolis on Friday. I guess I just couldn't resist. Actually, the movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was worse! However, those two hours were not completely wasted as I went in the company of about 20 other Academy grads from my power school class, and we pretty much just sat and made fun of the movie the whole time.

Well, I didn't mean to take over a month to update, but school has only gotten tougher, so I've been pretty busy with that. When I have had free time, I've been playing Metroid Prime 2 and Civilization 4 to blow of some steam. But, seeing as January is almost over, I thought I should at least write a quick update and let everyone know I'm doing fine. Last night was the half-way celebration for my nuke school class, since we have completed 12 of the 24 weeks of the program. I can hardly believe that it is half over already! Anyway, I'll try to update again next weekend when the Academy choir will be coming down to Charleston for a visit!

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