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07 Feb 06

Company's Coming...

Well, I volunteered to be my section's Graduation Announcement Petty Officer, meaning that I'm collecting addresses from my classmates that they want their power school graduation announcements sent to. . In the process of posting my email address, my website address was also brought to light. So, for my classmates who are visiting for the first time, welcome to my site, such as it is. Add two parts Microsoft FrontPage to one part Microsoft Paint, add a dash of free java script for good measure, and here you are. Since you are here, I might as well remind you: SEND ME YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT ADDRESSES! You can email them to me either in the body of the message or, if you are feeling motivated enough, in an attached Word file. Please use the following format:

ENS. Joe Schmo (This is you.)

1. Dick and Jane Schmo
5555 Penny Lane
Freecountry, USA 12345

2. Grandma Schmo, etc

Once you have compiled all of the addresses you want announcements sent to, email them to me at It would really be swell of you guys if you got them to me by Sunday night, since I have to turn them in next Monday, 13 February.

By the way, please forgive the sarcastic tone and any grammar or spelling mistakes. I am feeling really spent right now, on account of the EE test this morning. Truth be told, I'm delighted y'all are stopping by, as this website is usually only looked at by my Mom, my girlfriend Gwen, and my best friend Vince. As you know, I'm a fairly geeky guy and this website reflects that to a great extent. If you are confused, disgusted, or downright frightened by what you see, make sure to check out the About page for more info.

Well, the Catholic  Choir's visit to Charleston this past weekend was definitely an unqualified success. They brought down a group of 78 mids, which is more than twice the number we had last year. With such a large and talented group, they definitely sounded phenomenal at mass Saturday night. It was really nice getting to see Doc and my friends from Choir again. I really wish them the best for their Easter season this year.

By the way, today is also the anniversary of my and Gwen's first date. It has been an amazing two years!

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