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2 Jan 09

Happy Ought-Nine!

I hope all of you reading this had a safe and wonderful holiday season. I know I sure did! I'm just getting back from a week of leave that I spent with my family in Indiana, the first time I got to see them since last Christmas. As usual, the past week went by in a flash and flurry of visits and parties. It always amazes me just how quickly leave periods go by! Still, it was a nice visit, and I gave and got a couple of nice gifts. About the only issue with my leave period was the trip out to Indiana, which went awry when Chicago's Midway Airport was shut down by fog, resulting in my flight getting diverted to Kansas City and Gwen's to Louisville. This delayed our arrival by about half a day, but we both managed to get through it. I think I might have had the better deal, as even though I got delayed longer, I at least got a night in a hotel and another flight. Gwen got put on a bus for a 7-hour ride to Chicago!

One of the New Year's resolutions I have made it to try and revamp, update, and generally pay more attention to the ol' website here. One of the things that I'm doing is to alter and re-arrange the sub-sections in the Menu a bit. The thing about it is that the hobbies I put most of my free time into have changed a bit since I first put this site up. Chiefly, I no longer play video games and watch Anime to the extent that I used to, and now have some new hobbies in table-top miniatures gaming. So, I've added a few sections and rearranged others to reflect that. As a rule of thumb, I would say that I'm pretty much done with posting Anime and Video Game reviews, although I won't rule out the occasional update to those sections. I am going to leave them posted though, as I see no good reason not to.

So, enjoy the new sections of the site. The links are listed below, but they can also now be accessed from the menu as usual.  The new sections are a bit sparse at the moment, but that will be corrected in coming months!


FOR THE EMPEROR: Warhammer 40,000


TORPEDOES AWAY: Naval Wargaming

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