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20 July 09

One Last Go-Around

Packing up the house and moving my stuff out has had me in a very introspective mood this past weekend. Everything I have been doing, whether it be eating out at a favorite restaurant, playing games at the Comics Keep, or just emptying out my room, has had a certain sense of finality to it. For better or worse though, my move out is effectively done. I am taking the ferry from Bremerton tomorrow morning to catch my train back to California. If anything, this trip has confirmed something that I have long suspected, namely that it is not this place that I'm going to miss as much as the people I have me here. On a cheerier note, my sister Sarah just got engaged to her boyfriend Chris. Congratulations to the both of you!

For an update this time, I am posting a review of the new Ghostbusters game. It is available on all 3 of the major systems, but I played it on my newly acquired PS3! This is my first game review in a while, so be gentle...

Game Review: Ghostbusters

17 July 09

Operation Daybreak

Well, I'm back in Bremerton! I landed yesterday, and Chad was nice enough to pick me up at the airport. We spent the afternoon doing some browsing and shopping at a couple of our old game store haunts down in Tacoma before heading back. Today, we've been busily packing and cleaning up the house, so that we can move his stuff tomorrow to his new apartment in Silverdale, and so that I can have the movers come to get all my junk on Monday. Talk about your working weekends! This is all in support of what I have dubbed Operation Daybreak, the goal of which is the final turn-over of the house here in Bremerton back to the land lord.

On the plus side, I am going to be taking the train back down to San Diego. Specifically, I will be boarding the Coast Starlight in Seattle on Tuesday morning. This train will take me as far as Los Angeles, where I will have to board an Amtrak California regional train to get me the rest of the way to San Diego. This trip will take about 38 hours all told (assuming the train is on schedule!), and while that might give pause to some it has me down right giddy with anticipation. I plan on using the time to make a number of updates to this website, catch up on some reading, and maybe even play a game or two. One of the updates I have planned is a photo log of the journey, so stay tuned for that.

The past week has been a bit odd for me. As I mentioned  in my last post, I recently put the finishing touches on a big chunk of my IG army. I also finished the Ghostbusters game I've been playing on my PS3, which kind of left me in a sort of transitional period between projects. I have a tendency to get a little listless in such situations, while my mind reels and tries to focus in on my next project. And what stepped into the vacuum? My old friend Anime. I have started watching a series called Eureka 7, which is a giant robot anime with a little surfer counter-culture thrown in. It is a fairly new show, having aired from 2005-2006, and while I have had my eye on it for a couple of years now what finally pushed me to purchase the series is that It is currently being released in an "Anime Legends" box set. This is Bandai's greatest hits edition that collects a series into one or two packages of 5-6 discs each. This makes the series much more affordable, as you can buy these compilations for a fraction of the cost of buying the series piecemeal one disc at a time. I picked up the first half a couple of weeks ago using the Amazon gift card my Mom and Dad got me for my birthday, and I have already pre-ordered the second half, and it is due to arrive sometime next week.  I can hardly wait!


12 July 09

Moving Out

This week, I will be flying back up to Washington to pack up the rest of my stuff and finish moving out of the house I have been renting up there for over two years now. It seems a bit strange, but when I stopped and thought about it I realized this has been the longes I've lived in one place since I moved out of my parents home in Indiana (I don't really count the Academy, since I had to change rooms every semester!). It will be nice to get the rest of my furniture down to San Diego so that I can finish moving in!

The last few weeks have been a bit busy. The watchbill on the ship was getting a bit pinched, so I was standing port and starboard duty for about a week. However, that is behind me now that enough of the wardroom is back from their own moves. Most of the free time I had has been put into one of two things: playing Ghostbusters the Videogame on the PS3 I won in a raffle, and working on my Imperial Guard 40k army! I just put the finishing touches on a few new tanks, so hopefully I can post some pictures in a gallery soon. With the time I have coming up for my move, I should be able to post them soon!

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