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20 October 10

Viva Las Vegas!

Whew, the last couple of weeks have been fast and furious! Our trip out west for my sister's wedding went pretty well. Gwen and I really enjoyed Las Vegas, although we were pushing ourselves pretty hard to see as much of the town as we could in the limited time we had available. By the time we got back to Indiana, we were ready for a little rest! My sister's reception, held last Saturday, also went well although Sarah managed to get sick the night before. Fortunately, she was feeling a lot better by the time the party rolled around. And no sooner did Gwen and I get home, than I had to turn around and leave for a business trip! Well, I will finally get back on Friday for a while, so that is good. In fact, I will be home in time for my Friday game night! I'm hoping to play a little 40k or maybe some Firestorm Armada, but it all depends on who else makes it that night. My masters courses are also starting to heat up a bit. I had to do a mid term right before I left for Las Vegas, and I'm also working on a couple of projects. It is hard going back to this kind of mind set after being away from the academic environment for several years!

This time around, the update is a bit of house keeping I've been meaning to do for a while; namely, I have gone through and updated my Links section. There were a few in there that are out of date, and I also added some new ones. Finally, I decided I'm going to try and feature them more prominently in the right hand side-bar. Check them out!




03 October 10


Hard to believe it is October already! Fall is upon us. My sister is getting married here in less than a week, so Gwen and I will be jetting off to Las Vegas to attend. We are both really looking forward to it, but it might mean that there will be a lack of updates around here for a little while.

So, I have taken the plunge into yet another game: Flames of War. It is a World War II ground combat miniatures game, set in 15 mm scale (which means that the height of a human is about 15 mm). I am starting the game in the "early war" period, which is to say from 1939-1940. Naturally, this means that I can't play the force I would have otherwise chosen, the Americans. Instead, I have gone with the Germans, and I plan on fielding a "Leichte Panzer Kompanie" or Light Tank Company. Playing a German army feels a little weird, but hey, Tanks! It is just a game, after all. And, pragmatically, it will be easier for me to find opponents since I can play any of the Allied armies with mine.

The update I have today is to my Firestorm Armada site. My efforts to get this game established at my local gaming store have been bearing some fruit; I suspect that finding a game this winter will not be a problem! Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures of a battle report soon. This update, though, is centered on some of the background I've made up for my ships, collectively known as "fluff" in war gaming circles. Check it out below!


Firestorm Armada Site Update: Combat Fleets of the Galaxy
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