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10 July 2011

I can't believe it has almost been two months since my last update already! The time has flashed by in a blur, and much has happened. Where to start?

First of all, the battle I spoke of last time I posted went great! It was fun meeting up with the guys in the club after all these years. I was a little nervous about it after having been away for so long, but after the first few minutes it was like I had never left! Gwen did get a lot of nice pics and video, which unfortunately I haven't had time to do much with. I will try to get them uploaded soon.

Next, I've gotten a couple of new gadgets. One is a Nintento 3DS, to replace my ageing DS Lite. This little thing came in really handy during a recent business trip! I am pretty happy with the quality of this device, although to be fair I have been mostly playing Pokemon Black on it (which doesn't use the 3D features. The other new gadget I picked up is an Apple iPad 2, which I picked up in celebration of my selection for Submarine Department Head. I have been really enjoying this device too, as it allows me to do most of my internet surfing outside the office, so I can be with Gwen more ;). As an added advantage, I have loaded it with a bunch of gaming-related documents, so that I don't have to print out as much when I go to the game store.

Speaking of which, I have had the opportunity to play some really great games recently. I am still really enjoying Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. There have been a steady stream of new models coming out for it, and they are all very nice! I've also played a couple of games of 40k, including my first Apocalypse game last weekend. The Apocalypse game in particular was a lot of fun; I've never had so many miniatures on the table at once! Also, just yesterday I played my first Battlefleet Gothic game in almost 2 years with my friend Trevor (who hadn't played in about 10!). I have pictures from many of these events, and will get them uploaded soon. In fact, I am thinking of re-launching my wargamming coverage, in order to make it easier to include new games as I play them.

Other than that, I've also been busy with school. I am taking one class for my masters this summer, and it is proving to be quite challenging! I unfortunately failed my mid-term, principally because I did not understand what the professor was looking for in the answers. Now that I have a better handle on his grading style, I think I will be able to pull out a good grade in this class. Work has also been busy, whit a number of trips taking me away to places exotic. And now, with my aforementioned Departmetn Head selection, I need to begin mentally preparing myself for going back to sea!

So, that pretty much catches me up on what's been happening. As you can see, I have a number of other updates that I need to get caught up on, so that should keep my occupied for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to get at least one more update put up this month, although my class schedule might have something to say about that!

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