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30 September 2011

The Prussians are Coming

Time to once again slide an update in before the end of the month!

It has been a bit of a crazy month. I wound up taking an unexpected trip to San Francisco, which was neat. I didnít get a lot of time for sight-seeing, but I did get some valuable experience for my job.  Then, Gwen and I went and visited her parents down at the house they had rented in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately, or dog, Vesta, got really sick while we were down there. She is doing fine now (what a relief!), but we were worried for a while there. In the meantime, Iíve been working on the last class I need for my masterís degree. This course is on Project Management, and it is proving to be quite a handful! I have to learn how to use MS Project, and do a bunch of estimates and the like that Iíve never had to do before.

On the fun side, Iíve been devouring the Honor Harrington series, by David Weber. Probably the best description I can think of is that itís ďHoratio HornblowerÖIN SPAAAAAAAAACE!Ē Featuring massive space battles, political intrigue, and fascinating characters, I have not been able to put these books down. Iíve actually been doing most of the reading in my iPad, which has been an interesting experience. I hadnít intended on using my iPad as an e-reader, but it has actually worked really well for that purpose. I have also been playing some video games lately, notable the Space Marine video game and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Finally, I have been working to paint my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet, and you can find a link to the photos of it I posted on Dakka Dakka below. Unfortunately, I havenít been able to get in much wargaming, thanks mainly to the schedule Iíve had this past month. I was able to play a couple of games of Battleship Galaxies with my father-in-law Jim, though ;). 

Until next timeÖ


Dystopian Wars Prussian Fleet (DakkaDakka Gallery)

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