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1 January 10

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a safe and happy New Year's Eve! Gwen and I celebrated at home, so it was a nice quiet evening for the two of us. I had to work for a while today, but when I got home we went out and got Gwen a new cell phone. She opted for an iPhone 3G like the one I have. I think she is really going to enjoy it; I know I really like mine!

As I start the new year, I finally have an indication of what my next assignment will be once I rotate from the San Fran. I'm going to be assigned to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA, pronounced DEE-Truh).  I'm not sure yet when exactly I will be reporting, or what kind of work I will be doing once I get there, but I do know that I will be based out of Fort Belvoir, VA. This is where Gwen and I got married, and it is also where her Dad works, so it is certainly convenient from that perspective. Hopefully, I will be able to find out more information next week once my detailer and the staff at DTRA get back from the holidays.

So, I have been reading the magazine White Dwarf pretty regularly lately. This magazine is essentially the propaganda rag/full length advertisement for Games Workshop, but there are still some neat articles in there. So, I am looking at getting a subscription ;). One interesting thing to note, at the back of each issue there is a list of new stores that are either run by Games Workshop or stock Games Workshop products. I was looking at that list today, and I noticed that over the next few months no fewer than 6 new Games Workshop stores are set to open in the Seattle area! As I count them, that brings the count to about a dozen stores in the PacNorWest. This is a pretty significant concentration of stores. By and by, the Seattle area happens to be the home base for Privateer Press, one of Games Workshop's largest & most successful competitors. Hmm....

Anyway, for this update I've put together a short list of my New Years resolutions. Time will tell if these last more than a week!


New Years Resolutions For 2010
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