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23 June 10


After two months, here I am!

So, if you have been following my Facebook page, you would already know about some of the stuff I'm about to tell you; first, Gwen and I have completed our move to Virginia. We were able to get a nice townhouse that is only 10 minutes from my new job. The commute was a critical concern for me, given how horrible traffic can be around here during rush hour! We are settling in well here, being so close to Gwen's family and all. All the boxes are pretty much unpacked, and all of the delicates, valuables, and knick-knacks are in place. Which means, of course, that I need to get busy and post some pictures of the place!  Maybe next time...

I've also found a new Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS), Eagle and Empire. This store is great; plenty of good people to play against, and it is located in a shopping center than included a Thai restaurant, a Sushi place, an Indian place, and a Dairy Queen! This is practically Nerdvana for me. My new job is also pretty neat. I will be flying to Russia to inspect their nuclear weapons, and escorting them when they fly to the United States to inspect ours. These inspections won't begin until the New START treaty is ratified, however, so in the mean time I am studying and preparing for them.

So, things are going pretty well. I'm sorry about missing May's update, but I want to get back to updating the site at least once or twice a month (with more Facebook updates as reqauired), so stay tuned!

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