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16 December 10

Let it snow!

We finally got our first snow out here in Virgina. It is nothing compared to the Snow-pocalypse of last year, but even so 2" is enough to make a royal mess of the roads out here. I know it is a cliché, but people out here just don't know how to drive in the snow! It took my father in law over 3 hours to get home, for a trip that is normally only 20-30 minutes. Makes me glad I live so close to work...if I had to, I could walk home in about 30 minutes.

With barely a week left to go before Christmas, our plans are pretty much set. Both of us have most of our shopping done, which is good. Our cards are finally done, too! Last year, Gwen and I didn't get Christmas cards out. We had just moved to San Diego, I was really busy at the boat, and, in all honesty, we were still wading through our thank-yous from the wedding! This time around, I decided to do a little newsletter and include a picture of all four of us (me, Gwen, Vesta, and Phoebe). Here is the pic:

The update this time is my first-ever 40k battle report. The battle in question was the Tanks-giving game that I ran for the local game store. Check it out!


Tanks-giving Battle Report

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