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13 January 10

Almost Home...

My  long business trip is almost over! This weekend is looking to be quite busy. Gwen and I will be baby-sitting Saturday, Sunday I have a demo game for Dystopian Wars as well as a birthday party for our nephew. And, on Monday, I hope to get in a game of Firestorm Armada! Of course, this weekend would be packed even without all that stuff. Being gone for a week and a half, I have a lot of relaxing and catching up to do ;).

Anyway, today's update is a series of photo galleries that contain the pictures I took at the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard. I'm really glad I took a tour of this place; there is a ton of history there and you can get access to major portions of it. Check them out!


My Visit to Mare Island Naval Shipyard


09 January 10

Happy New Years!

First post of 2011! It took me a little longer to get it put together, but that tends to happen ;).

Gwen and I had a great Christmas and New Years. We spent Christmas out here in Virginia with Gwen's parents, and then drove out to Indiana to celebrate New Years with my Mom & Dad. I got a lot of really neat stuff as presents, including some really cool-looking models for a war game called Dystopian Wars. I will be posting more about this in the future, have no doubt! I also got some new models for Firestorm Armada, including a Directorate starter fleet. I have been anxious to get my hands on these models since they were released. To me, they kind of look like Star Trek ships.

I'm on a business trip all this week, so I might have time to post up a few more updates. I've got some neat pictures I took yesterday at the old Mare Island Naval Shipyard. I also need to address my resolutions from last year, and put out the ones for this year. Today, though, I have an update for the Warships section, the first in years. I have pulled the Moltke out of mothballs so that I can get her ready for the 2011 battling season. She has suffered some rodent damage since the last time she saw the water, as I've detailed below:


Moltke Refit 2011: Damage Assessment

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