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18 May 2011

Ready to Set Sail!

Two updates in less than a week? What is this world coming too?! ;)

The weather around here has continued to be quite rainy (it is threatening to storm again as I type this!), but fortunately that has provided me with plenty of time to work on my boat, in order to get her ready for the IR/CWCC Spring Regional coming up this weekend. Today's update has some of the pictures of the restoration process, as well as some shots of the finished product.

Overall, I am really excited about this weekend. This will be the first action the Moltke as seen in 5 years! I am really looking forward to catching up with all of the guys in the club, and just having some good old fashioned BB-flinging fun. To make it even sweeter, this weekend is also my birthday, so that is always exciting! Depending on how things go, I will hopefully have some nice pictures and/or video to share with all of you next week. It helps that Gwen is coming along and can be my imbedded combat photographer ;).


Moltke 2011 Refit - Finished!


15 May 2011

An Odd May...

It has been a strange month so far weather-wise. Out here in DC, it has been bouncing back and forth between unusually warm and cool and rainy. Back in Indiana, it has been oddly cold. My parents tell me it is down in the 40's and really windy today! Global warming at work...

Gwen and I had a nice time today. We went to the Lorton Auto Train Station to see the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Display Train. This rolling exhbit will be traveling the country this year. It really brought back a lot of memories, especially since the whole thing is painted in Amtrak's snazzy Phase III paint scheme! I'll be posting some pictures soon, so stay tuned!

Today's update is to my forlorn Firestorm Armada page. I've recently finished painting a new fleet, the Directorate, and have posted some pictures for you all to see. Enjoy!


My Directorate Fleet

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