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11 July 03

I am so Glad I am not a Plebe!
Being around the Academy during the height of Plebe Summer has been an interesting experience. It brings back a lot of memories (not all of them good) about my own Plebe Summer, but mostly it just makes me glad that I am a 2nd Class. I have been rather busy the last few days, hence the lack of updates. I went and saw Disney's new movie, Pirates of the Carribean, and I must say that it is excellent. It had a lot of humor, action, and just a pinch of romance for good measure. Pirates is probably the best movie I have seen so far this summer, though that isn't saying very much.

Oh, and there is a new version of Desert Combat (well, new to me, anyway), a total-conversion mod for Battlefield 1942. There is a whole bunch of new features that it adds to the game, including a M203 grenade launcher for the M16. With each new version, this mod keeps getting better and better. What makes this mod all the sweeter is that it is a free download. I would have easily paid for this game in a store!

Review: Pikmin
Shigeru Miyamoto decided to make a game about his experiences in gardening. Only a genius like him could take a seemingly mundane concept such as that and turn it into such an engrossing game. Check out the review for more!

07 July 03

Back in the Saddle
Welcome to my new domain! I think that I have gotten all the links switched over and everything, but if something is still broken (outside of the Past Updates section!) please let me know. Now that I am all settled in, I can finally get back to actually posting new information on this thing.
Review: Metroid Prime
Samus makes the jump into 3-D in this GameCube title. How did it turn out? Here is what I think.

06 July 03

Back in the Saddle
After almost a month and a half, I am finally getting back to updating this thing. I have to beg extenuating circumstances, however. Namely, I was completing a training cruise on board the USS Wyoming, SSBN 742. Oh well. I just signed up for a domain name, which means that this page won't be updated until later in the week, when the new domain has been activated. Until then!
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