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24 July 03

One more week...
I can hardly believe that there is only one more week of Weapons Detail left. It has gone pretty fast! I finally qualified "Expert" (the Navy's highest qualification) on the M-16 today, so that is one less thing to worry about. On the whole though, I think that Weapons Detail would be a whole lot easier if no Plebes were involved ;).

I have decided to take the train home, a week from Saturday. Sure, it is a lot slower than flying (2 hours vs. 16 hours, barring any delays), but I will get a chance to see the countryside a little bit as well as meet some new people. Oh, and I got the tickets for free (my Dad works for Amtrak, so I get the employee's discount!). That helps too.

I had all these plans to get a bunch of work done on this site over the summer, and here it is, almost over, and I really haven't done all that much. Oh well. Such is life. I have decided to do an Anime review today, chiefly because it has been a while since I have done one and I still have a metric ass-load to do. I have re-vamped my anime reviews to feature a sort of "data box" thingy at the top, like you see at a lot of other websites these days. I recently did the same for the game reviews, and I must say that I like the effect, so I will probably keep doing them.

Review: Appleseed
In this review, I am digging up an older movie that is based on a manga that I have never read. Is watching this movie worthwhile? Here is my opinion.
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