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20 August 03

It's Official

I am now committed to at least 7 more years of Naval Service. Oo-Rah!

With that out of the way, today was our first day back to school, and I had a pretty good time. All of my English and History majors courses seem like they will be very engaging and all my profs seem pretty agreeable.  We had our Commitment Dinner tonight in King Hall, which was actually quite good. The only bad thing about it was the carton of spoiled milk that found its way to our table. Yummy.

Apparently, yet another virus has struck the e-mail systems at the Academy. This has things so screwed up I can hardly believe it! At least the damage seems to be contained.

Well, I managed to get that Splinter Cell review put together after all. Be forewarned, it isn't entirely complementary of the game. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I just didn't think that it lived up to its hype. Read below for a more complete explanation. For now, I think I will call it a day.

Review: Splinter Cell
Super Hot stealth ninja spy action comes to the GameCube! Is 2002's Console Game of the Year all it's cracked up to be? Here is my view.

19 August 03

Death by PowerPoint
Hard to believe that school starts tomorrow. I guess I am as ready as I will ever be, though. I have even been doing a little reading and practicing my kana and kanji. I think I will be going to bed early tonight, since I have to get x-rays tomorrow morning as part of my Pre-Commissioning Physical Examination. Let the fun begin.

I know that I promised to review Splinter Cell today, but I decided to do an anime review instead. Today was a pain, with a whole bunch of rather dull briefs to go to. And with tomorrow being the first day of school, the Commitment Dinner, and who knows what else, I don't know when I will get to that. We'll just see.

I think I have become addicted to the song "Butterfly" by the group From what I understand, they are a Swedish group that records songs in English and releases them in Japan and China. Kind of a round about way of doing things, eh? Anyway, their music seems decent enough. I am thinking of picking up one or two of their CD's. They are a dance/techno kind of deal, which is something that I am not usually into. I will consider it a horizon-broadening experience.

Until tomorrow.

Review: Battle Athletes Victory: Doubt &Conflict
Akari and company are back in the second installment of this zany series. Is it as entertaining as the first disc? This is my opinion.

18 August 03

Books Are Expensive
Since classes begin on Wednesday, I figured that going down to the text book issue center and picking up the texts I would need was a smart move. I ended up dropping over $400 down there. I realise that this is a fairly tiny sum in comparison with the totals racked up by the engineering majors, but I still coudn't help but think to myself, "Boy, I could sure by a lot of anime with that dough!"  as I was rung out.

I ordered a few new CDs online today, which is cause for excitement since I haven't bought a new CD since roughly the last ice age. I also switched my order for Art Asylum's Enterprise-A toy to New Force Comics, since Entertainment Earth seemed like it was taking forever and a day to get the job done. Not only that, but New Force had the thing for $5 less! All of this junk should be here by the end of the week, and I can hardly wait.

Below is that review that I mentioned yesterday. I am still deliberating on a number of articles that I would like to do up for the site. So much to do and so little time! A Splinter Cell GCN review is next up, though.

Review: The Animatrix
Is this a glorified movie commercial or a legitimate work in its own right? Here are my thoughts.

17 August 03

Back in the Saddle
The reform of the Brigade is finally underway here at the Academy, and that means there is a ton of moving going on, a lot of briefs to go to, friends to catch up with, books to buy, and many other details that need to be taken care of before school starts on Wednesday. I have more or less settled into my new room (with the same roommate, though), but I might be forced to move shortly. I sure hope not!

Anyway, now that things will be settling down into more of a routine, I will hopefully be able to work on updating at least 2-3 times per week. However, that can't begin for another day or two, I'm afraid. There is simply too much to do over the next few days. I will try to get an anime review up tomorrow, but no promises.

Speaking of anime, being on vacation and staying in hotels with cable have enabled me to avail myself upon many of the fine series that Cartoon Network is running. One that I particularly enjoyed is a show named FLCL (that is フリクリ for those of you with Japanese-enabled browsers), produced by Gainax. A bizarre piece of animation to be sure, but I thought it was, well, pretty neat! I also say Spirited Away while I was on leave. It is quite honestly one of the most beautiful and engaging animated films I have ever seen. It easily tops Princess Mononoke, but be forewarned that it is a bit on the strange side. I see it as the Japanese take on Alice in Wonderland.


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