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29 August 03

Pictures Galore!

I am finally getting around to posting the photos I took over the summer (or had taken for me in some cases!). I hope you enjoy them. The photos of my ship came out especially nice.

I picked up Soul Calibur II for my GameCube this evening. Look for some impressions to be posted before the weekend is out. I also received my copy of the fifth disk of Battle Athletes Victory, so volumes 4 and 5 will be reviewed soon.

I am certainly glad that I have a three day weekend to use to get caught up a little. This has been one busy week, hence the lack of updates. However, I hope to get a few things posted in the next few days to make up for it. Stay tuned!

Summer In Review
This is a picture gallery that features the different things I did over the last few months, including leave, a submarine cruise, and weapons detail.
New Moltke Photos!
My model combat warship is rapidly nearing completion. Here are some updated shots of her. She is really coming along nicely!

25 August 03

Parade Time!

The Brigade had its first practice parade this afternoon. As usual, there were plenty of corrections for Gunny to make, and, as usual, it was blazing hot. To make matters worse, I have a bit of a cold (don't ask me how I got one of those in this weather!). At least there was a little breeze going...

I didn't realize when I registered last fall how busy taking 2 History classes and an English class can make you. I have quite a bit of reading to do, and the papers haven't even begun to kick in yet. Woof. Oh well, I still have a little time to myself each evening to watch some anime and get a little work done on this thing.

 I have been doing a lot of thinking about it, and I think that I will do disc by disc Anime reviews only for those series that I haven't completed collecting yet. For the rest, I will simply do one review for the entire series. This is partly a necessity of having a lot of anime to review and very little time to do it in! I may yet go back and do reviews for individual discs as I watch them, but this will be a slow process. Today, I am uploading my review of the third volume of Battle Athletes Victory.

Oh, and on a side note, Soul Caliber II will be here by the end of the week!

Review: Battle Athletes Victory: Tragedy & Triumph
The third disc of this 8 disc release wraps up the Antarctic prep school story line. Is it as exciting as the first two volumes? Read the review and see!
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