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02 Sept. 03

Walk...In the Rain.

Well, a new week and a new month....and it has rained for most of it! At least the Navy football team actually won a home game Saturday. That is the first time in something like four or five years.

Below you will find the review for the fourth installment of Battle Athletes Victory, as well as some Soul Caliber 2 impressions. I am really getting a kick out of that game!

My Art Asylum Enterprise-A came today, too. Look for some pictures and a review later this week. Also, I should have the fifth disc of Battle Athletes Victory reviewed by then, too. Busy week!

Battle Athletes Victory: Spaceward Ho!
This is where it gets interesting...
Soul Calibur 2 Impressions
The sequel to the outstanding Dreamcast game is here! This is what I think so far.
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