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20 Sept. 03

N-A-V-Y! Gooooooo Navy!
Well, I spent the better part of the day observing the Navy Football team battle its way to victory and a winning record. It is truly amazing how much better the team seems to be this year. Now, if we could only win on the road!

Isabel has come and gone. The Academy did not come through unscathed, I am sorry to say. The most grievous damage was done to the lab areas of some of the academic buildings. I imagine that repairs to these areas will be costly and time consuming. In the mean time, Lord only knows how our class schedule will be affected.

At any rate, since this is Saturday and we have power, I thought I might update the site again and make up for lost time, as it where. I posted a new review, and I have also toyed with the layout of the Anime page a little bit. I am going to try this out, and see how I like it. If the new layout works out, I am thinking of switching at least the Star Trek and Games sections over to it.

On a last note, I have realized that a number of small "house cleaning" jobs need to be taken care of. For example, the "About" page needs to be updated and revamped. I intend to work on these chores next week, so new updates might be a little thin (as if they haven't been thin already!).  Just to give you a heads up.

Review: Battle Athletes Victory: No Looking Back
In this 5th disc of the release, Akari and her team rise from the ashes of defeat!

18 Sept. 03

No, I'm Not Dead
Just very, very busy! I have quite a few irons in the fire right now, so my updating schedule has basically gone to hell. If I'm not working on school assignments, I have Choir, Halloween Concert, MISLO (Midshipman Information Systems Liaison Officer), and tutoring stuff to worry about. And after all that, Soul Calibur 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (FFTA) soak up the rest of my time!

Wonder of wonders, I have posted a Star Trek article. Such an event has become rather uncommon, occuring at roughly the same interval that giant comets collide with Earth. Anyway, it is a review of Art Asylum's new Enterprise-A toy. Enjoy.

I suppose I should get this posted before Isabel knocks my power off.

Art Asylum Enterprise-A Review
My ship has come in!
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