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14 April 10

In Memoriam

My Mom called me with some sad news today. One of our family pets, a dog named Fluffy, passed away suddenly today. It is always difficult to say goodbye to a  pet, especially one that we have had as long as Fluffy (eleven years). Still, it is good to know that she didn't suffer much and passed away quietly.

As for Gwen and I, we have been busily making preparations for our move to Virginia. Tomorrow, we are getting our cars serviced and all ready for the long road trip, and the movers are coming on Friday to pack up all of our stuff. Between all of these preparations, we have been trying to get in as much sight seeing as possible. Today, for example, we went to see the USS Midway, a retired air craft carrier that is now a museum in San Diego harbor. Check out the pictures below!


Touring the USS Midway
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