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08 August 10

Trials and Tribulations

It's been a busy couple of weeks! Gwen and I have both had family members in and out of the hospital recently, which has been emotionaly draining on us both! With everything going on, it has been hard to keep up some kind of normal routine. But, I have managed to get a little update together, so here it is.

We have been hooked on a cartoon show called Phineas and Ferb lately. It is a very funny cartoon show on the Disney Channel, probably one of the best that I have seen since Pinky and the Brain. It has pretty much taken over our dinner TV time, now that the previous show, Mythbusters, is on hiatus. I've also been working on Starcraft II. I finished the single player campaign yesterday, so now it is full-speed ahead with the multi-player side! I haven't really played a game online seriously since Battlefield 2, so this is a bit of a throw-back to me. It is nice to be playing online with other people again!

So, a couple of weeks back I launched my Firestorm Armada site. Today's update is a major overhaul to those pages, with a unique format from the rest of the site and some back stories for some of my models. This game has been my major focus at Eagle & Empire lately. I've hung up my 40k army for a couple of months, so that I can run games of Firestorm to try and get other gamers into the game. So far, it has been working pretty well! I've managed to get several guys from the usual Friday night crowd to pick up starter fleets and rulebooks. Anyway, check out the updates to my page below!


Firestorm Armada Site Update
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