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16 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 18.00
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
I find it hard to believe I will be home tomorrow. Every semester, I always tell myself "I am going to get a lot of stuff done during Exams Week!" And every semester, I am disappointed by how little I actually accomplish. Oh well, I guess that is the price one pays for high expectations. And, as a consolation prize, I get to go home as soon as I finish my Japanese final.

The history final I took today was almost 2 solid hours of writing. I agree, that isn't so bad, but for some strange reason it has taken a lot out of me. Consequently, I haven't posted a new article or anything for tonight. The fact that I am on the last mission of the Undead campaign of Frozen Throne might have something to do with it. If I find myself getting overly ambitious, I may post something tomorrow morning. If not, there is a distinct possibility I won't update again until I get back on 5 January. I can't wait to find out!



15 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 9.00
Rucker's First HF Law
Calculating my Happiness Factor every day for the past couple of weeks has led me to the following observation, which I added to the bottom of my previous Happiness Factor page. This theorem of mine probably won't have the far-reaching implications of oh, say, Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. However, it does have a spiffy graph I made in Excel, and that has to count for something.

I finally saw The Last Samurai on Saturday, and the movie was better than I expected. Given that I haven't had much experience with samurai movies before (I don't believe I've seen anything by Kurosawa... shocking, I know), I came into the theater expecting to see some bad-ass sword fighting and a fascinating look at Japan during the Meji era, and I was not disappointed. People seem to be wary of this movie because of Tom Cruise's role in it, but The Last Samurai is not Top Gun with swords. Instead, it is a highly entertaining movie that has a lot of action and some very good romantic aspects as well. I urge you to see it if you haven't yet.  The Last Samurai scores bonus points if you find hot Asian women as attractive as I do.

Well, I have only two more exams and then I am out of here till January. I will be updating tomorrow as well, but after that it all depends on how ambitious I remain once I get home. At the very least, I hope to put up some impressions for the games I get on Christmas. Today, I have put up a review of the Record of Lodoss War OAV.

Review: Record of Lodoss War
Sorcerers, elves, and dwarves, oh my!


14 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 6.00
Where Tropical Breezes Blow
The weather has definitely taken a turn for worse here in Annapolis. Cold, grey, and for most of today, rainy. Despite the weather, I thought I would drop a quick line just to let you know I haven't forgotten about this thing ;). I was going to work on a bigger update for today, but instead I went to my sponsors house and fell asleep. Meh.

Today has been a day of big news. Not only did we finally nab Saddam, but I also heard from my friend Matt who left the Academy and joined the Army. I hadn't heard from him in months, so I was surprised to say the least when I got back to my room and saw his email in my inbox!

For some reason, the USNA Gamer's Zone has been down for the better part of a week. I certainly hope that the board wasn't discontinued, but that is starting to look like the case. At any rate, until the service is restored I have decided to remove the link that was next to the banner on the main page.

Well, it turns out I managed to earn an "A" in EE, which is just swell. I hope that I can maintain such standards of excellence in the remainder of my academic endeavors this semester, but that will undoubtedly be a difficult task. I only have two more tests to go and then I am done for the semester!

One final note, Harvest Moon for the GameCube has been delayed. As a result, there have been massive protests at Mineral Town City Hall. Apparently, I'm not the only one who wants this damn game! Also, I have updated my Most Wanted list to reflect this development.



11 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 3.00
This has been one of my less productive days. I can't really explain why, I guess I have just been denying my inner desire to goof off for so long that it has finally burst forth like a rain-swollen river through a dam. Damn. I did manage to finish up a paper for one of my classes though, so at least today wasn't a total wash.

In keeping with the general lackadaisical manner I have adopted for today, the update will be a little less intensive than the reviews I have done for the past few days. It should still make for an interesting read, though. Enjoy! 

Feature: My Top 5 Upcoming Games for the GameCube


10 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 2.57
1 Down, 4 To Go
I managed to survive my EE exam today, without much difficulty. I didn't really think the test was that bad, but I will  have to see my grade to be sure.

There is an interesting debate of sorts going on over at Penny Arcade right seems to me that Gabe and Tycho have had several of these recently (they got into a spat with Scott Kurtz of PVP some time ago). The guy they are having this dialogue with considers the two of them to be conceited and arrogant, but honestly, I just don't see it. I continue to find their comics humorous and semi-relevant to my life as a gamer, and I will keep visiting their site as long as I continue to do so.

Today's update marks an historic milestone, as I have completed my first complete set of reviews for an anime series. Battle Athletes Victory has definitely cracked my top 5 list of favorite shows, and I think that any anime fan would do well to pick this one up. I might do an overall series review sometime in the future, but I haven't made a final decision on that. For now, be sure to check out my review of volume 8!

Review: Battle Athletes Victory: The Human Race
The final disc of Battle Athletes Victory has more twists than...I dunno, something very twisty.


09 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 2.25
EE Tomorrow...
I finally have my first exam tomorrow, so I will keep today's update short. I feel pretty confident about it, since I have put a lot of work into my studies.
Review: Battle Athletes Victory: The Last Dance
 With volume 7, we finally come to the end of the Great Competition. Who will prevail and become the Cosmos Beauty?

08 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 2.00
No Class = Happy Me
It is so nice to have some modicum of control over my daily schedule again, even though I have to spend most of the time studying in order to pass my tests! I have my Electrical Engineering final coming up on Wednesday morning, and that test is going to be a monster from what I hear.

At any rate, the update madness continues today with my review of volume 6 of Battle Athletes Victory. I have also put up a new banner design for the main pages (finally!). I originally intended the old banner to be only temporary, but it has ended up serving for over 8 months!

Review: Battle Athletes Victory: Willpower
This series is really heating up. The 6th volume brings us to the Great Competition to decide the Cosmos Beauty!


07 Dec 03

  Happiness Factor: 1.80
Welcome to Loserville. Population: Army
Brrrr! It sure was cold at the Army-Navy game yesterday, but that didn't stop us from cheering the team on to victory. My roommate and I had to walk an entire lap around the stadium concourse after each quarter just to keep our toes from freezing!

Well, another semester of class has expired, and it is once again time to dig into finals. Even so, I should have a lot of extra time to spend working on the ol' website, so expect an awful lot of updates in the near future. I recently finished collecting Battle Athletes Victory, so those reviews will be forthcoming. Today, I have reviewed Battlefield 1942 (finally), and I have also taken a little time to put each of the sections of my website on its own sub-domain. It is one of those little projects that I have been meaning to get to for a while, but never got around to. -UPDATE: Actually, this turns out to be a hassle, so I have decided not do sub domains after all. Oh well.

Review: Battlefield 1942
If I ever get the loading screen music for this game out of my head, I will be highly surprised.


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